When Good Actors are Lousy Athletes: 12 Times Hollywood Struck Out

Unless you’re Troy Bolton in High School Musical, you’re probably not super-awesome at both acting and sports. Here are 12 talented actors who prove that you can’t be great at everything.


MICHAEL J. FOX Teen Wolf helped put Fox on the movie map, but it succeeded on his charisma, not his basketball skills. Producers brought in a hoops coach to evaluate Fox in the gYm before filming. The collective reaction: Uh-oh, we're screwed.



GARY COOPER Righty Cooper had trouble playing lefty LoU Gehrig in Pride of the Yankees. TO compensate, he'd run to third instead of first and editors flipped the shot. Even with camera tricks, a 1942 review noted Cooper doesn't look too good slamming or scooping 'em up.

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ANTHONY MICHAEL BIKE HALL Johnny Be Good was likely intended to be a career game changer for Hall, casting the actor as a can't-miss quarterback. Unfortunately, there's nothing about his athletic performance that helps us forget this is Brian from the Breakfast Club. CRACKED.COM

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TIM ROBBINS Bull Durham is a comedy so you could excuse Tim Robbins for his herky-jerky-crazy-sexy- spazzy Except that phenom Nuke LaLoosh is supposed to throw 95. Those mind-boggling mechanics ain't getting it done, son.



KATHY IRELAND Kathy Ireland delivers a likeable performance as a female placekicker in Necessary Roughness. But there's a reason editors cut away every time she ran up on the ball, obviously flipping to a stunt kicker booting the pigskin through the uprights.



WILLIAM BENDIX Goofy Bendix is best known for The Life of Riley, a failed everyman. So he was a WFT choice to play one of the greatest athletes of the 20th century. Shaped like a fireplug, Bendix wasn't fooling anyone with his labored trots around the bases. CRACKED COM



WESLEY LE DEFI SNIPES Snipes nails the cocky confidence of his White Men Can't Jump conman, but he had a hard time delivering on the court. While director Ron Shelton praises Snipes' athletic ability, he admits Wesley is not a great basketball player. Snipes doesn't argue: Every shot I took

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KEANU REEVES Weird: Reeves has played two Ohio State QBS -- Point Break's Johnny Utah and The Replacements' Shane Falco. His awkward throwing motion is on full display, making his role as a washed-up player utterly credible.



EDWARD NORTON Norton's Neo-Nazi, swastika-chested thug makes one of the most improbable dunks in movie history, soaring over athletic defenders for a reverse two-handed slam. The camera cuts away at the moment of truth, helping us imagine Norton can fly in those skinhead jorts. CRACKED.COM

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ADRIAN GRENIER Harvard isn't exactly a hotbed of hoops talent, but Grenier still looks awkwardly out of place as a point guard in Harvard Man. Can't dribble. Can't shoot. And he's playing with NBA star Ray Allen, turning the movie's game action into an episode of MTV'S Rock and Jock.



ANTHONY PERKINS In Fear Strikes Out, Perkins plays bipolar baseballer Jimmy Piersall. Piersall's review of Perkins the athlete: He danced around in the outfield like a ballerina. It wasn't meant as a compliment. CRACKED.COM

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ZAC EERON Zac is believable-ish as a small-town, high school basketball player. But as the best player on a state championship team? No way. As a D1 scholorship athlete? Get the Ef-ron out of here, High CA school Musical.