15 Dang Ol' Behind-The-Scenes Facts About 'King Of The Hill,' Man

King of the Hill producers have really put their fans through the ringer. From pretending the Hills were moving to LA, to making them collect playing cards of possibly-deceased characters… the fans deserve that live-action Monsignor Martinez that never happened.


Producers trolled fans to think the Hills were moving to LA. CRACKED CO Fox made a big deal about the show's 'move after season 2, implying that Judge had agreed to change the setting from Arlen, Texas to Los Angeles, California. After collecting hundreds of angry phone calls (and tons of

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Luanne was named after a Texas diner meal. CRACKEDcO The LU Ann Platter is a meal at the Texas chain restaurant Luby's which, incidentally, is a much funnier name than Luly's, the stand-in Luby's where Luanne gets something resembling her namesake platter in the show.

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They were given 3 more seasons after they'd packed up the office. Durs N ALTMO ALA.D o ORACKEDO CON The season 7 finale was designed to be the series finale, and very effectively wrapped up a lot of loose ends. It wasn't until after they'd shut down operations and

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The writers all had to read a law professor's book on government overreach. CRACKED cO Writers were required to read The Death of Common Sense, a book by Georgetown Law professor Philip K. Howard. The book explains a very Hill-ian philosophy that bureaucracy causes common sense to atrophy.

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Hank Hill pitched himself to the network, MEME fle ykt CRACKEDOON Instead of animating a full pilot, Mike Judge opted to produce a short, no-frills, first-person plea from Hank himself.

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The series ended not with a bang, but with a yep. CRACKED The first and last lines of the series are Hank and the boys exchanging a round of yep's.


King of the HiI's ratings were higher than The Simpsons' Cfor a year)- CRACKED COM The show hit its stride quickly, already outperforming its lead-in, The Simpsons, in its 2nd season.

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John Ritter's final performance was on King of the Hill. wi CRACKEDCO He recorded his final turn as music teacher Eugene Grandy shortly before his death in 2003.


The theme song was some band's sound check. CRACKEDC The Refreshments, out of Arizona, were asked to submit a demo to Mike Judge. They recorded a live set, and encouraged the crowd to really hoot and holler during their sound check jam, which they named Yahoos and Triangles.

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TV Guide gave out macabre trading cards as a promotional stunt. Contest Rules Theeehae rars: NEa IH te wad nr ftne atre cRd Bpest e reecieicit af 2e u fierari tate resepat Finae ee ikery EUEEE ei eee Eng tere t: acirs fntaw FrEAie lataprn t e Feto


We do know what Boomhauer does for a living. TEXAS 745 aas NTR ata ESE ARRTR Renhaner CRACKED COM Parts of Boomhauer's background remain a mystery right up until the very end. The finale features a shot of his wallet, revealing his Texas Ranger badge (and some other personal information).


One universe novel shows up again and again. A Amer O Drver af Onlons CRACKED COM Just about any time a book is being read, held, or just sitting on a table, it's A Dinner Of Onions. A film adaptation even makes an appearance in the episode 'Stressed for Success.


Boomhauer was inspired by an angry Beavis and Butt-Head viewer. An MTV viewer who had some unknowable beef with an episode of Beavis and Butt-Head left a rambling voice mail for Mike Judge. Judge held onto that energy and turned it into Jeffrey Dexter Boomhauer lll.


There was almost a live-action spin-off. CRACKED COM A live-action adaptation of Monsignor Martinez, the Mexican soap opera show was filmed. But Fox got cold feet about airing a whole movie about a gun-happy priest, and ultimately shelved it.


There's an official King of the Hill album. CRACKED They put out an album of southern rock covers by some popular country music stars, including Willie Nelson and Sheryl Crow, as well as some of the characters themselves.