15 Celebs Who Gave Up Fame And Found Happiness

If you become mega famous, you will probably go on acting till your dying day, sleepwalking through successive roles and grimacing all the way to the bank. But down a couple levels in the pyramid of fame, celebs have the option of walking away from it all and actually being normal … or being awesome. 


ROSS HULL ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK? CRACKED COM The main kid from Are You Afraid of the Dark? had a few other acting roles in Canada. But he went on to become a weatherman on a bunch of different networks.

Source: TMZ


DOLORES HART ELVIS During the '50s and '60s, Hart starred in ten movies with Elvis, George Hamilton, and Montgomery Clift. Then at 24, she gave it up to become a Benedictine nun. 2022 will mark her 60th year in the ministry.

Source: Vogue


PETE BEST THE BEATLES Pete Best probably still regrets having to leave The Beatles. But he does make money over some vocals appearing on The Beatles' Anthology ... and he started a lower-profile group, The Pete Best Band.

Source: Washington Post


HEATHER DONAHUE BLAIR WITCH growpirl CRACKED cO Heather from The Blair Witch Project gave up acting to grow high-quality medical marijuana. In 2012, she published a book, Growgirl, about her unlikely journey.

Source: GQ


DANNY LLOYD THE SHINING Danny from The Shining did get a cameo in the sequel, Doctor Sleep. But other than that, he left acting behind. He became a biology professor in Elizabethtown Community College in Kentucky.

Source: The Guardian


JOSEPH SIMMONS RUN-DMC CRACKED.cO Run simmons was a founding member of RUN-DMC. The group disbanded in 2001, as Simmons had felt another calling as a preacher. He got ordained and changed his moniker to Rev. Run.

Source: NPR


JOHN SALAPATEK CHILDREN OF THE CORN Salapatek, infamous for his role as Isaac in Children of the Corn, didn't stop leading children. But instead of rallying them to murder, he moved on to teaching high school at Garden Valley.

Source: Golden Valley High School


NOAH HATHAWAY ATREYU Hathaway, known as Atreyu in The Never Ending Story, grew up to be a badass. He designs custom motorcycles and spends his spare time teaching pilots close quarters combat techniques.

Source: The Village Voice


PHOEBE CATES FAST TIMES t ITE After several big '80s roles and being best known for her nude scenes, Cates left show business to raise her children. She now operates Blue Tree, an Upper East Side boutique.

Source: Travel and Leisure


JIM NABORS GOMER PYLE In the years after playing Gomer Pyle on the Andy Griffith Show, Nabors recorded and released 28 albums. He came out in 2013 at the age of 83 and married his partner of 38 years.

Source: NY Times


LIESEL PRITZKER SIMMONS AIR FORCE ONE Remember the little girl who played Harrison Ford's daughter in Air Force One? She was an heiress to the Hyatt fortune, sued her family for hundreds of millions of dollars, and became a philanthropist.

Source: Wall Street Journal


MIKE VITAR THE SANDLOT CRACKED.COM Vitar was Benny in The Sandlot and Luis in the Mighty DUCKS sequels. He became a firefighter in Los Angeles, and in 2003, he was honored by the UFLAC for saving fellow firefighters.

Source: NBC News


STEVE BURNS BLUE'S CLUES CRACKED CON After Burns suddenly left Blue's Clues almost 20 years ago, wild rumors followed, saying he died overdosing on heroin. He actually became a music producer. He composed the theme to Young Sheldon, where he also cameoed.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


THE STAR WARS KID GHYSLAIN RAZA After famously getting mocked for his amateur light saber video, Ghyslain Raza didn't land a role in the sequels ... but he did get a law degree from McGill and went on to advocate against cyberbullying.

Source: Maclean's


JASON EVERMAN NIRVANA Everman became a member of Nirvana and Soundgarden and managed to get kicked out of both. He went on to join the army, get a philosophy degree, and live as a monk in Nepal.

Source: Columbia University