Don’t Try This At Home: 12 Non-Comic Celebrities Who Took A Stab At Comedy

Comedy isn’t pretty, said Steve Martin.  For living proof, check out these 12 accomplished celebrities who decided that “what I really want to do is tell jokes.”


SYLVESTER STALLONE Sly's many stabs at comedy stardom culminated with Stop or My. Mom Will Shoot, which took home Razzies for Worst Screenplay, Worst Actress, and Worst Actor. Stallone called Stop. one of the worst films in the entire solar system, including alien productions we've never seen.



EVEN SEAGAL David Spade on why Seagal is regarded as the worst SNL host of all time: If we're getting you the show on to host, we all want it to work. And if you make fun of yourself- this is where it gets tricky it will benefit YOU. And



ROWDY RODDY PIPER How serious was Piper about stand-up comedy? After his death in 2015, the wrestler's private memorial held the was at Comedy Store. The Jimmy Kimmel Show's Cousin Sal says he of the funniest was one storytellers anyone knew.



MADONNA Madonna assured a Tonight Show audience that her awkward set indeed was funny. She's in a constant struggle to wrangle the audience's perception... LRD getting distracted by the confused response to her jokes about being an extremely wealthy person who dates men in their twenties.

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KELLYANNE CONWAY Conway delivered cringey comedy competing at 1998's D.C.'s Funniest Celebrity charity event. Her that's-50-90s set featured rib-ticklers about Ally McBeal and Monica Lewinsky. She went on to do funnier work in the Trump administration.



EMMA THOMPSON Late Night showed Thompson's talk show host performing stand-up, which was actual an clip of Thompson yukking it up in 1983. Known for drama, Thompson wants to get back to her comedy roots. We're all suffering from existential despair ... I feel I should so put my best efforts

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ELON MUSK Boy, did Elon Musk love The Onion! So much so that he lured several of the satirical site's top talents to create a comedy intergalactic media empire. Unlike Spacex, the aptly named Thud never took off, with Musk pulling funding before the project could take comedic flight.

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CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS The world's most famous atheist had lots of opinions on comedy, including the maligned view that women aren't as funny as men. He proved a poor test when case he tried stand-up in 2003. His routine was terrible. Labored jokes. Tired delivery. After half an hour he gave



BRAD PAISLEY You're doing stand-up now? asked David Hasselhoff the on set of Brad Paisley's Comedy Rodeo. Not exactly, but he's hosting comedy shows and belting out groaners like Ode de Toilet (The Toilet Seat Song).

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BLAKE GRIFFIN By all accounts, Griffin held his battle own in a roast against Jeffrey Ross. And unlike others this list, the on 6' 10 Detroit Piston actually works at being a good stand-up. Still unanswered: Is Griffin actually funny or funny- for-an-athlete funny?

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CHUCK NORRIS Top Dog, Norris's foray into movie comedy, currently rates zero percent on the Tomatometer. A one-star review asks: Why, exactly, would YOU want to make a movie about racist hate groups, and then disguise it as family entertainment about a cute dog?

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ayOHN ay JOHN MAYER As a comedian, Mayer can play the sure guitar. After a set at the Comedy Cellar, blogger wrote that one Mayer proceeds to give the most awkward, offensive, unfunny 15 minute comedy act I've ever seen. And I've been to amateur night.