20 Behind-The-Scenes Trivia About 'Always Be My Maybe'

Always Be My Maybe has been described as “the Asian-American version of When Harry Met Sally.” Others simply know it as “the one with the comedians and also that Keanu Reeves meme.” Both these statements are correct, so pop some of those Hello Peril tunes on Spotify and read about the behind-the-scenes shenanigans these actors got up to.


ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE The media may have helped make the movie a reality. Dear Hollywood, Please Make Ali Wong and Randall Park's Dream Rom-Com During an interview with The New Yorkerin 2016, Ali Wong mentioned how she and Randall Park wanted to make a rom-com movie they've been talking



ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE Ali Wong and Randall Park both grew up loving romantic comedies. Wong is a big fan of John Hughes movies and the chemistry between his characters, and Park loves The Apartment, Notting Hill, and has seen When Harry Met Sally more than any other movie. BEHIND



ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE Randall Park was in a band growing up. Park said that, for his band Hello Peril in the movie, he drew inspiration from his younger days in a hip hop group called Ill Again. I was kind of like, 'Well, what if that band kept going

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ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE Keanu Reeves really wanted to be in the movie. The creators sent Reeves a script, but they didn't expect to hear anything back. Reeves, however, was so impressed with Wong after watching her Netflix special Baby Cobra that he asked to meet with them and talk



ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE Randall Park's mom is a painter, and some of her artwork can be seen in the movie. Park said that some of his mom's paintings were used in the movie and hanged in his childhood home. His mom also painted the Kim family portrait. BEHIND THE

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ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE The sequence where the lead characters have sex for the first time was inspired by Randall Park's personalexperience. BERKELEY Park lost his virginity in the back of his Corolla. He says it was a clumsy affair, followed by an awkward moment in a McDonald's. In the



ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE M. Night Shyamalan was considered to play himself in the movie instead of Keanu Reeves. The creators were sure Reeves would say no to their proposal, so they brainstormed backup actors, including Shyamalan, Tony Leung, Marc Dacascos, and even Paul Giamatti. BEHIND THE SCENES



ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE Boomerang was a big inspiration for the movie. Ali Wong said that she loved the tone of the movie because it has big moments and big characters but they're not cartoonish. BEHIND THE SCENES CRACKED.COMT

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ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE A lot Of actors were desperate to be part of the project. Daniel Dae Kim said he called up his agent and convinced them to make him part of the film. Casey Wilson made desperate phone calls and said she tried a little too hard to

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ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE Director Nahnatchka Khan said it was a super collaborative experience. ALWVAYS BE MY IX MAYBE It was never a thing where somebody was fighting to keep something out or to keep something in . I think the hardest part was just making sure we got everything, because



ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE Ali Wong and Randall Park were in a theatrical comedy group in college. They both attended U.C.L.A. and Wong joined the group that Park co-founded. They've been friends ever since, and Park suggested her as a writer for the sitcom Fresh Off the Boat. BEHIND THE

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ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE Keanu Reeves was filming John Wick 3 and Always Be My Maybe simultaneously. In between shooting John Wick 3, Reeves found time to be on the rom-com's San Francisco set for four days to shoot his parts. Wong says he drew quite the crowd - even their



ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE The movie band Hello Peril is a play on yellow peril. HELLO PERL Yellow peril is an historical term that describes Western fears of the Far East taking over power and control. The concept of yellow peril has repeated itself throughout history, and it felt like



ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE DJ Qbert and Dan the Automator have background cameos in the movie. The two can be seen outside the club after the first Hello Peril gig. Dan the Automator co-wrote many of the songs in the movie with Randall Park. BEHIND THE SCENES

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ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE Keanu Reeves was allowed to improvise, and he did. He came up with the idea to list Chinese dignitaries during the game night scene, and he also improvised the bit where he says, I don't have a problem, Sasha. What's your problem? while karate chopping the

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ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE Michelin star chef Niki Nakayama was the culinary consultant on the film. In the movie, Ali Wong's character Sasha is a celebrity chef, and Wong said Nakayama - who owns the LA restaurant n/ naka - helped a lot with all the food elements. BEHIND THE SCENES CRACKED.COMT

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ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE The I miss your smile, miss your soul' scene between Ali Wong and Keanu Reeves was mostly ad-libbed. They shot the scene at four in the morning. Wong kept complimenting his body while Reeves complimented her soul. I'm like, Yes to my toes and my



ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE Netflix released a bloopers reel online. In it, there's a bit where Ali Wong can't stop laughing at a plate of food, and a bit where Keanu Reeves sets up a joke about his time filming Speed, but then backs out of it. Now we'll never



ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE Keanu Reeves was really respectful of the other actors and never tried to overshadow anyone. MAVYBE MA Wong said that Reeves didn't want to make his character too big or cartoonish because he didn't want to distract from the lead actors. Even at the premiere, he



ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE The credits song, I Punched Keanu Reeves, wasn't originally in the movie. In the final scene Marcus asks Sasha, You think everyone knows that I punched Keanu Reeves? She replies, You should probably write a song about it just to be sure. After the first cut