11 Weird, Real Things That Just Happened

Fiction ain’t got nothing on reality. Here is your weekly round-up of 11 wild news stories from around the world. 


A British farmer made about $70,000 renting out goats for Zoom calls. She charged people f5 to hire a goat who then randomly joins their Zoom call, as a surprise for whoever they're talking to. Since April 2020, about 10,000 calls have been interrupted by goats, netting f50,000. CRACKED.COM

Source: BBC


One of Dante's descendants is trying to get his corruption conviction from 1302 reversed. Astrophysicist Sperello di Serego Alighieri is working with a law professor to see if Dante's name can be cleared after 700 yearsc- it was done for Galieo Galilei, he says, so why not Dante? CRACKED.COM

Source: The Guardian


Dubai will be home to a space court (of law). 70 bey Dubai International Financial Centre The court will be based at the Dubai International Financial Centre Courts, and will be used to settle space business disputes. Many foreign companies already go to the DIFC to settle disputes, so this

Source: Times of Israel


The UK's vaccine strategy was influenced by the Matt Damon movie Contagion. Matt Hancock British health secretary Matt Hancock was obsessed with the movie, and used it in the early days of the pandemic to illustrate the issues that might crop up with the distribution of the vaccine. He'd say

Source: The Guardian


The South African government made its own web browser just SO its tax system could keep working. 102021 200 P1 8L172 tos Vas Mlo SARS eFiling X SARS South African Revenue Service Welcome to the new SARS eFiling Landing Page. Login SARS efiling fre onlline process for the cubmiscioo of returns and rations

Source: ZDNet


A New Zealand woman tried to smuggle almost 1,000 succulents and cacti in her stockings. IDENCE Jlai LLAITELEE4 E After she got spotted at Auckland international airport, she tried to get rid of all her cacti (which included eight endangered and threatened species) in the toilets- unsuccessfully.

Source: The Guardian


Some Oregonians got the COVID vaccine because they got stuck in the right snowstorm. Jhus A snowstorm trapped a bunch of cars on a highway in Josephine County, including one with a healthcare team that had six vaccine doses. They couldn't move for hours, and the doses were about to

Source: CBC


Russian cops punished an activist for an snowman anti-Putin rally. BOLA METS A mup RCEONN AOAO 3T0 XUHHAM LAPO ALAA OLI ABOPLLAM CTPAMA Local police in Arkhangelsk took away the placards from the four snowmen, filed a report against their maker, Yelena Kalinina, and detained her.

Source: Moscow Times


A gang of six people changed the Hollywood sign to Hollyboob. HOLLY BOOD They got arrested by the LAPD just a few hours later, though, and the sign was changed back.

Source: ABC 7 News


Jared Kushner got nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Fellow sleazeball Alan Dershowitz nominated him in his capacity as professor emeritus at Harvard Law.

Source: The Guardian


A Wu-Tang Clan shirt caused a diplomatic incident. HAD The shirt design A member of the Canadian Embassy in China created a shirt with the Wu-Tang logo, but it said Wuhan instead of Wu-Tang it was for diplomats working on repatriating Canadians from Wuhan, the Embassy said. But China lodged

Source: CTV News