13 Fun, Little-Known Facts To Stimulate Your Brain

Turns out, Han Solo and Luke Skywalker held hands while walking up to Princess Leia to get their medals -- and, somewhat disappointingly, that didn’t end up in the finished movie. Check out the full story, plus 12 more:


In 2020, the amount of money in Ponzi schemes was at a 10- year high. IDI OCHSE SLET KOV The boom happened because the stock market grew like crazy and because a ton of deregulation happened, creating fertile ground for con men offering get-rich-quick schemes. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM

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Cottage roofs in Bermuda are designed to harvest rain. The stepped design of the roofs slows down rainwater, SO more of it flows down into the gutters, which take it into a tank under the house. Fresh water is very scarce, and there's no tap water, SO each home gets

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Florida's Space Coast got the area code 321 on purpose. It's a reference to the Space Shuttle launch countdown, and it went into effect into 1999, after a data programmer suggested it. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM

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In 2013, a Canadian bank robber obsessed with Taylor Swift stole a plane and flew to Nashville. He crashed into the runway at Nashville International Airport, and died. It's not clear why he tried to go to Nashville, but investigators think it was an impulsive decision partly based on his

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Europe's largest banana plantation is (probably) in lceland. It's in a greenhouse in South Iceland, and it produces 500 to 2,000 kg (about 1,100 to ,400 pounds) a year. The claim depends on how you define European, though -- Spain has a banana plantation on the Canary islands, but though they're

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When Banksy tried to trademark one of his paintings, the copyright office threw his own words back at him. They refused the trademark, saying he clearly didn't want to use it and only wanted to have rights over his work without using copyright. To drive the point home, they quoted

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Tom Felton's grandpa is in the first Harry Potter movie. He's an extra in several different scenes-. when all the students enter the great hall for the first time, when Quirrell runs into the great hall to warn everyone, and and in the crowd at the Quidditch match. NOW YOU

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When Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford went up to Carrie Fisher in Star Wars' ceremony scene, they held hands. It was Ford's idea that way, their movements would be in sync, and Fisher could keep her eyes on one thing (their clasped hands) as the camera filmed her. NOW YOU

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Frozen helped solve a 62-year-old mystery. In 1959, nine hikers never came back from a trip to Russia's Ural mountains -. this became known as the Dyatlov Pass incident. So scientists used avalanche simulation models developed for Frozen to simulate what happened at Dyatlov Pass. That was a big help in

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There's a no-holds-barred documentary about The Emperor's New Groove, and you may never see it. THE SWEATBOX It's called The Sweatbox, and it's a totally candid look at how a big Disney movie is made. Disney refuses to release it, and quickly acts to remove it from YouTube and torrent

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The Funny how? line in Goodfellas came from a real encounter. Something like that happened to Pesci -- when he was younger, he told a mobster he was serving in a restaurant that he was funny, which the mobster didn't like. He told Scorsese about it, and Scorsese put it in

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The quietest room in the world is on Microsoft's campus in Redmond, WA. It's SO quiet that you hear the grinding noise your bones make when you move. Microsoft uses the room to test sounds produced by their software and hardware. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED GOM

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Athletes in the olympics host huge parties in Olympic villages. Village The olympic in London, 2012 Olympic villages, which are mini-towns built to house Olympic athletes and their entourages, are full of sex, drinking, and partying before and after big events. Many Olympians say the second Olympic motto is What

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