13 Now-You-Know Facts About Movies, Science, And Other Stuff

Yeah, Shia is shameless … but plagiarizing a statement about your own plagiarism is a whole new level of shamelessness. Here’s the full story (and 12 others):


The horse's head in The Godfather was real. Francis Ford Coppola didn't like the mockup of the fake head the studio wanted him to use, SO his scouts went to a dog food plant and found a horse that was going to be slaughtered. They asked for its head when

Source: TIME


Shia LaBeouf plagiarized a movie, then plagiarized his statement addressing the issue. His directorial debut Howardcantour.com was a complete ripoff of a graphic novel by Daniel Clowes. To address it, he tweeted a very slightly changed version of a random Yahoo! Answers post about copying Vs. inspiration. NOW YOU KNOW

Source: TIME


In 1925, Kate McHale Slaughterback killed 140 rattlesnakes. She was out with her adopted son Ernie in Colorado and became surrounded by over a hundred rattlesnakes. She shot them with her rifle until she ran out of ammo, then took a nearby sign (it's believed to have said No Hunting)

Source: Greeley Museums


There's a Guinness World Record for farthest distance walking barefoot on Lego bricks. O1 WOUUSTOCK and RAY'S BIG EYE STUDIO and PHOTOGRAPHY GUINNESS OFFICIAL WORLD TIlI ATEMPT FOR RED Farthes It's 5.1 kilometers, or 3.15 miles. NOW YOU KNOW

Source: Guinness World Records


A WWI steam sub had SO many holes, it would sink if they weren't closed right away when it dived. The K-Class submarine had vents and two funnels (they were crucial for the steam engine), which let in seawater that would sink the sub unless they were firmly closed just

Source: The Guardian


In 2012, the sewers of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, were cleared by a synchronized flush. Sranbilo Baok The town asked every one of the million residents to flush at the same time, saying they might be fined if they refused. The big flush (as the mayor called it) was intended to keep

Source: The Guardian


A Canadian conservation officer was fired for refusing to kill bear cubs. In 2015, he was sent to kill a black bears that had entered a mobile home - he killed a female black bear, but not her cubs, since they weren't seen eating food. He got fired for not following

Source: The Guardian


You can die from carbon monoxide in a car if your exhaust pipe is snowed in. If you're starting a car that's snowed in, make sure the exhaust pipe is clear -- otherwise, carbon monoxide could flood your passenger compartment pretty quickly. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM

Source: Snopes


An elderly New York man was paid $17 million to move out of a moldy old apartment. The new property the developers built It was on top of the Mayflower hotel, and developers who bought the hotel had to buy him (and three other residents) out. The payout was by

Source: The Independent


An 1889 novel predicted parts of 2000 surprisingly accurately. Hnn nno Domini 2000 Written by Julius Vogel, a former New Zealand prime minister, Anno Domini 2000 features instant communication technology, widespread travel in aluminum air cruisers, and great changes to the environment as a result of industrial technology. NOW YOU

Source: NZHistory


Composer Alex North didn't know his music was cut from 2007: A Space Odyssey until he saw the premiere. Stanley Kubrick used classical music (which was originally just a placeholder), and never bothered telling North that he dropped his soundtrack. North was shocked, and always believed Kubrick had totally undervalued

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On Groundhog Day, Bill Murray hired an assistant just to troll everyone. The production team couldn't get a hold of him when they needed to, SO they asked him to hire an assistant to make things easier. He agreed, but hired someone who was deaf and only spoke American sign

Source: Entertainment Weekly


Judy Sheindlin just set her oWn salary for Judge Judy. Every three years, she'd discuss her contract over dinner with the president of CBS Television Distribution - which meant she'd write down the number she wanted, put it in an envelope, and give it to him after dinner. The one time

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