16 Random Facts For Hungry Brains

Cracked exists for two purposes: teaching you stuff, and making all the writers and artists rich, famous, and sexually irresistible. As the second part of this mission statement has long been declared an utter failure (just ask any of us), we’re doubling down on the pedagogical angle. Now, these facts might not help you land a job (except, maybe, writing for some web site), but will definitely give you something to make small talk about, which might be just as challenging (again, just ask any of us).

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YOUR CLUNKY HEATING RADIATOR IS THE RESULT OF A PANDEMIC. During the 1918 flu pandemic, cities ordered people to keep their windows open, even on frigid days. That meant that big radiators were needed to keep the cold at bay. And now you know why your old, ugly radiator overheats

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EVERYONE ON THE GAME OF THRONES SET HATED THE CAT. Ser Pounce, King Tommen's cat, was popular with fans even though he only appeared once - but he only appeared once because he was hell to work with. Natalie Dormer called it a bit of a diva -and according to

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IF YOU'RE POOR, YOU'RE MORE LIKELY TO BE AUDITED BY THE IRS. The IRS'S job is to make sure everyone complies with the convoluted American tax code-which is easier if you're broke. Yes, auditing the Jeff Bezoses of the world makes more sense- but it's also a lot more complicated,

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THANOS' CREATOR GOT DIDDLY-SQUAT FROM THE AVENGERS MOVIES. Jim Starlin wasn't even invited to any showing- he had to pay for his ticket to see his own creation on a movie screen. All in all, he got more money from DC for an obscure character in Batman V Superman

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