13 Celebrities Who Must Be Stopped Before They Rap Again

Everybody raps along in the car, but not everyone records their embarrassment for posterity.   Here are 13 celebrities who need to drop the mic -- permanently.   


Pa DAVID FAUSTINO Some celebrity rappers make winking novelty tracks. Not Bud Bundy, who originally spit rhymes under the Lil. A few name D years later, he back was on 'Soundcloud Lil' Gweed. as Dave looked like he was in N.W.A but white and short.

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TRIUMPH THE INSULT COMIC DOG Triumph drops some stupid rhymes with I Keed, a cut off his Come Poop With Me album. Diss tracks reserved for Justin Timberlake, Britney, Fred Durst, and Lizzy McGuire because 2003. CRACKED COM



TOM DAN HANKS ACKROYD America's Dad Tom Hanks still can bust all the from verses City of Crime, the incredibly 80s theme to the Dragnet remake. Ackroyd rap-battling in Joe Friday-ese is at least as amusing as anything in the actual movie.



SNOOKI Yikes! Snooki awkwardly raps about being d New Jersey mommy (STRETCH MAAARKS!) while bunch a of tarted-up ten-year-olds shake their money makers. There's no part of Yung Mommy that isn't wince-worthy.

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RON JEREMY It that was always weird pudgy porn star Ron Jeremy became a quasi-celebrity. DJ Polo invited the Hedgehog to rhyme his Freak on of the Week track. Don't judge Polo -- this before was the 28 criminal counts Jeremy is facing.



RODNEY DANGERFIELD Rappin' Rodney was an opportunity for Dangerfield to dust off old jokes and set them to Casio drum machine beats. His lyrics are suprisingly sympatico with hip-hop artists wailing about lack of a respect. CRACKED COM



JOHN CENA Every pro rassler has a gimmick. When Cena was starting out, his. rap was Before matches, Cena would diss his opponents by rhyming words like thank YOU, ma'am and body slam. His album You Can't See Me the was musical equivalent of a sleeper hold.

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JOAQUIN PHOENIX Phoenix's 'career' as a rapper was a two-year fakefest, documented by Casey Affleck for the mockumentary I'm Still Here. His public appearances weird were enough that Phoenix apologized to Dave Letterman for the awkward.

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JAMES FRANCO Franco, who played a skeezy rapper in Spring Breakers, managed to set off hip-hop feud by a claiming to model his character Florida on rapper Dangeruss. That set OfF Riff Raff, who insisted the character based was on him. WHY ALL THE LIES Franco?



HULK HOGAN The sex-tape star released an album of kid-friendly rap tracks in 1995. There's lot of cringe to choose a from, but the worst is probably the spoken word Hulkster in Heaven, a tribute to Make-A-Wis a kid-fan who didn't live to hear the song. CRACKEDcOM



CHICAGO BEARS Michael Jackson's Thriller is the best-selling music home video of all time. Want to guess which song is #2? Linebacker Gary Fencik was horrified at how successful [the Super Bowl Shuffle] was, one of the weirdest records to go gold in history. Grammy nominated? You bet.



BRIAN WILSON Beach Boy Life Lesson #23: If your therapist wants to cowrite a rap song and insists that you record it, it's time to find a new therapist. Smart Girls a cringetrack from the was never-released, aptly named Sweet Insanity.

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OPRAH Jay-Z tried to teach Oprah to rap, with trIED being the operative word. Funky beats looped as Oprah tried to find a .place to jump in. It's almost like double-dutch, explained Jay-Z. A forlorn Oprah sighed, I wasn't good at double-dutch either.

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