15 Iconic Couples Who Actually Despised Each Other

It's a rare thing to actually enjoy the company of your coworkers, and it's no different in Hollywood. Actually… it's a lot different – in Hollywood, sometimes you have to open-mouth kiss your coworker. What a disgusting town.

Anyway, here are some iconic entertainment duos that absolutely could not stand each other:


Ross & Rachel CRACKED CO Sometimes, millionaires who get paid to act like F*R**E*N*D* are really just C*O*W*O*R*K*E*R*S. And, like any coworker, Jennifer Aniston had forgotten about David Schwimmer 6 years after the job. Aniston told Letterman in 2010 that she had no clue who Schwimmer was engaged to, in a manner


Shelley Long Ted Danson CRACKEDcO Sam and Diane's cat-and-mouse romance charmed audiences for 5 seasons, before Diane ducked out on their wedding and peaced out of the show for a while. It turns out that was a fittingly chaotic departure, as Shelley and Ted had some major friction.


Fred & Ethel I LOVE LUCY CRACKED c William Frawley had beef with... well, pretty much everyone on I Love Lucy. Vivian Vance caught the brunt of it, having to appear on screen with him most of the time. Vance once called him a coot who was too old to play


Penny & Leonard CRACKEDcO Kaley Cuoco took her role as the one hot person amongst a sea of nerds to heart. As their collective star rose, Cuoco mistook that for personal success, and reportedly became a bit of a diva. She lost her biggest champion, costar Johnny Gilecki, after she


Mila Kunis Ashton Kutcher THAT 70'S SHOW CRACKEDCO They weren't romantically inclined when they first met, which was probably for the best -. she was 15 and he was 20. They didn't get along at all, SO everyone was surprised when they started dating 14 years later in 2012.

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Babe Ruth Lou Gehrig CRACKED c COM Babe Ruth was kind of a chunce to the end. While their careers overlapped, Ruth was a major jerk to Gehrig's mentor, Joe Mccarthy. And, despite giving him a big hug after his famous farewell speech, Ruth basically ignored Gehrig as his health declined.


Michael Strahan Kelly Ripa LIVE WITH KELLY AND MICHAEL CRACKEDcO When Strahan got picked up on Good Morning America, he allegedly didn't give Ripa the heads up that he was about to leave Live! She didn't show up to work the day she found out, and when she did show


Shaq & Kobe CRACKED CO They won 3 championships together, but off the court, they would bicker privately (and publicly) like a couple of cranky toddlers. The Lakers ultimately had to separate them, like a mom who's had it up to here, and shipped Shaq off to Miami.


Simon & Garfunkel STEL HE LUXU' OF HOLLR They were both jealous of each other, but Paul Simon was the one who decided to break it off. His breaking point was when his part in Catch-22 was cut, and Garfunkel's wasn't. Art had some thoughts on Paul's ego ruining


C-3PO R2-D2 STAR WARS CRACKED COM Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker had some major beef kind of like their characters, but without the chummy banter. Daniels (3PO) used to call Baker (R2) little man, and once said Baker was only credited as a good luck charm, claiming he was rarely on


Abbott & Costello Things were fine between them, until Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis started to overtake them. As their star fell, tensions rose, and they started referring to each other as the bastard and the drunk. Honestly? A very cool name for a comedy duo.


Meg & Jack THE WHITE STRIPES CRACKEDcO A good relationship can't be built on lies, SO in a way, the couple was doomed when they bizarrely claimed to be siblings early on in their White Stripes days. Specifically, Jack hated that Meg would keep quiet during interviews (due to crippling


Dean Martin Jerry Lewis After they split, Martin became a leader of the Rat Pack, and Lewis had to settle for The King of Comedy. But that was after a decade of bruised egos, which ended officially when Martin told Lewis you're nothing to me but a *ing dollar


George & Susan CRACKED CON Jason Alexander says he had trouble syncing up his tone and timing with Heidi Swedberg's over her roughly 5-season arc on the show. It was only when Susan started sharing more screen time with Jerry and Elaine that other actors understood the difficulty, and they collectively


Mick & Keith THE ROLLING STONES CRACKED COR Their relationship has been a nearly 6-decade ping pong of public jabs and apologies. A prime example: any time the band wanted to talk smack about Jagger while he was in the room, they'd talk about that b*tch Brenda. Jagger only found that

Source: Vanity Fair