15 Movies and Shows That Started Out Very Differently

Life is unpredictable. You take a quick trip to the grocery store for a six pack and a bag of potato chips, and when you’re back home your car is somehow loaded with supplies for a five-course meal for eight people (and also, you didn’t own this car before). This kind of scenario is also relatable for people who make movies for a living -- they set out to film one thing, and months or years later they ship something completely different to theaters and TV networks. Think we’re exaggerating? Just take a look at these.


Big Trouble in Little China started as a western. Jack Burton didn't drive a truck in the original script, as it was set in 1880. The movie was drastically rewritten, as making it a western on top of everything else was too much.

Source: Den of Geek


Zombieland as a TV series. was created Writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick's project was too expensive for TV-SO the script was taken to Sony, and turned into a movie.

Source: Reuters


Good Will Hunting thriller. was written as a In Matt Damon's and Ben Affleck's script, genius Will Hunting was being constantly chased by government agencies. Rob Reiner convinced them to drop that side of the story.

Source: Boston Magazine


Toy Story began as a Christmas TV special. Pixar's first hit, the short Tin Toy, was to be followed by the half hour-long A Tin Toy Christmas. When the TV studio involved dropped the project, Disney picked it up and helped develop it into a full movie.

Source: The Take


Dr Strangelove was supposed to be a serious Cold War drama. Early into production of his movie about the nuclear arms race, Stanley Kubrick realized how farcical the whole thing was -- so he stopped trying not to play it as a comedy.

Source: Bleecker Street


The Sopranos was meant a movie. Creator David Chase conceived the story of Tony Soprano as a feature- film. He was eventually convinced that his pitch would make a great TV series.

Source: Written By Magazine (archived)


Seinfeld failed to be a comedy special. Unable to come up with 90 minutes' worth of material, Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David made a half-hour pilot for a show instead. Then the show went on for nine seasons.

Source: Den of Geek


Pretty Woman was at first a gritty drama. Before becoming a modern-day Cinderella, Vivian was a drug addict who didn't get a happy ending- she was just thrown out of Edward's car before he drove away and credits rolled.

Source: USA Today


Gargoyles meant to be Gummi Bears. was like Creator Greg Weisman's original pitch was for a fun comedy-adventure show, with cute gargoyles. The premise was reworked into action drama after Disney passed on it.

Source: Comic Book


The Emperor's New Groove a traditional Disney movie. was At first titled Empire of the Sun, it was supposed to be a standard Disney-brand musical romance/ comedy. Then the director left after clashing with Disney, and the movie was completely overhauled.

Source: The Hollywood News


After Earth originally a crash. was about car The idea was for a father and son to be involved in a crash in a remote location. Then Will Smith said, Let's set it 1,000 years in the future.

Source: Variety


20,000 Leagues Under the Sea started as a documentary short. Walt Disney commissioned artist Harper Goff to storyboard a documentary about underwater life-but Goff's imagination got wild with Jules Verne. Disney liked Goff's sketches, and produced an entire feature film.

Source: The Walt Disney Family Museum


24 was about a wedding. Creator Joel Surnow's first idea for his show in real time was to make it about the 24 hours before a wedding. This was soon scrapped.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter