14 Surprising Salaries Of TV Hosts

Television hosting seems like a pretty sweet gig, and, after looking at these salaries, we're convinced it's even sweeter than it sounds. We certainly wouldn't mind paydays like these 14 personalities…


Vanna White WHEEL OF FORTUNE CRACKED CO PER YEAR OF SHOW $4 million She has worn over 500 dresses, never repeating an outfit.

Source: ABC News


The Sharks SHARK TANK CRACKEDcO PER EPISODE $50,000 Each of the six investors are doing pretty well just showing up for work.

Source: Variety


Ellen DeGeneres THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW CRACKED CO PER YEAR OF SHOW (2017) $50 million DeGeneres spends much of her money on real estate. She and her wife are known for flipping high-end homes.

Source: Variety


Conan O'Brien CONAN (TBS) PER YEAR OF SHOW $12 million O'Brien was paid $45 million to leave The Tonight Show.

Source: NBC


The Fab 5 QUEER EYE CRACKED COM PER EPISODE 500 Bobby, Karamo, Tan, Antoni, and Jonathan were paid 000 per episode in Season 1.

Source: Variety


Katy Perry AMERICAN IDOL mericy Ido CRACKEDGOM PER YEAR OF SHOW $25 million Her co-hosts Lionel Ritchie and Luke Bryan made $10 million and $12 million, respectively.

Source: The Wall Street Journal


Dr. Phil DR. PHIL lood Bullet DN omon CRACKED CON PER YEAR OF SHOW $50 million As a producer and star, Dr. Phil makes 50% of the show's advertising profit. (This isn't including product placement and signing bonuses.)

Source: Forbes


Kelly Ripa LIVE! WITH KELLY AND RYAN PER YEAR OF SHOW $22 million Ripa has hosted the show since taking over for Kathie Lee Gifford in 2001.

Source: Variety


Stephen Colbert THE LATE SHOW CRACKED.cO COM PER YEAR OF SHOW $15 million Colbert signed a contract to host the show until at least 2023.

Source: CNBC


Jimmy Fallon THE TONIGHT SHOW PER YEAR OF SHOW $16 million Jay Leno reportedly made $30 million a year for hosting The Tonight Show.

Source: Variety


Pat Sajak WHEEL OF FORTUNE A BR5 ENT WILLION CRACKEDcO COM PER YEAR OF SHOW $15 million The show films 6 episodes a day for only four days a month. Looks like Sajak is the real winner of the show.

Source: Variety


Ryan Seacrest AMERICAN IDOL PER YEAR OF SHOW (2012) $45 million Seacrest's salary jumped from $5 million to $15 million in 2009.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


Alex Trebek JEOPARDY PER YEAR OF SHOW $10 million A week's worth of episodes were taped in a single day. Trebek had contracted to host the show until 2022.

Source: CNN


Judy Sheindlin JUDGE JUDY CRACKED COM PER YEAR OF SHOW $47 million To discuss her contract, she presents an envelope with her desired salary. One time, the CBS President tried to counter with his own. She didn't open it, saying This isn't a negotiation.

Source: The New York Times Magazine