15 Bizarre Pranks Pulled By Famous People

Apparently, getting near-limitless wealth and power unleashes the six-year-old who loves pulling wings off of flies inside you. And when nobody’s getting seriously hurt, that can turn out to be pretty funny. For example:


Princes Harry and William pranked Her Royal Highness with a voicemail message. In 2017, the Queen asked them to record an answering machine message for her, and they recorded Hey wassup! This is Liz. Sorry I'm away from the throne. For a hotline to Philip, press one. For Charles, press

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Mel Gibson terrorized Nancy Meyers (the director of What Women Want). He first made some memos saying there was a madman with a knife running around, and posted them around the lot. Then, he dressed up like said madman and attacked Meyers in her office. After it worked and she

Source: 7 Celebrity Pranks That Backfired Horrifically


Rapper The Game put a police number out of commission for two hours. He told his 580,000 Twitter followers that they should call a number if they want to score an internship with him, but that was the number of an L.A. police station. After the line went down for

Source: 7 Celebrity Pranks That Backfired Horrifically


On the set of Wolf of Wall Street, Jonah Hill made Leonardo DiCaprio eat sushi til it made him sick. In one scene, Hill improvised and, in-character, said Dicaprio could have the last bite of sushi. So they had to do the same thing on every take, and Dicaprio ate

Source: 7 Celebrity Pranks That Backfired Horrifically


One time, AIfred Hitchcock threw a dinner party and colored all the food blue. Specil Everything, from the soup to the trout to the peaches, was blue-- even on the inside. He did the same thing at another dinner party later, but this time, even the flowers and the silverware

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Steve Jobs once called Starbucks and asked for 4,000 lattes. It was the first ever public call with an iPhone, made on stage at the iPhone's unveiling, and it ended with him saying No, just kidding. Wrong number. Goodbye! CRACKED.COM

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LBJ liked to troll people with his amphibious car. TX19-AT He'd take guests on a tour of his ranch in the car, then go towards the lake at full speed and scream that the brakes weren't working before the car safely entered the water. CRACKED.COM

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Woody Harrelson made Sean Penn think he was being taken hostage by an armed psycho. It was an incredibly elaborate prank involving Nick Nolte and two cops, and it ended with Penn going to his car with an armed man he thought was taking him his hostage, while Woody Harrelson

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Jim Carrey went to the 1999 MTV Movie Awards disguised as a wild-haired, Jim Morrison-like hippie. He didn't tell anyone about the disguise, including his friends, so Samuel Jackson talked to him for 15 minutes without knowing who he was. Later, he asked Carrey Man, why'd you do that to

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The writers of Airplane! spent $60,000 on a practical joke. They bought a racehorse, named it All Pink, and told the jockey to ride close to the inside rail rather than trying to win, all so they could hear the announcer say ...and it's All Pink on the inside! They

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The Who drummer Keith Moon destroyed a hotel suite and got the hotel to pay. He tried to get the waterbed out of the fancy suite, but it burst, flooding everything. So he wouldn't get stuck with the bill, he called the manager, claiming it burst for no reason, and

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