15 Sneaky Working Titles Used By Uber-Popular Films

In order to hide their upcoming blockbusters from nosy reporters and fans, movie studios usually come up with working titles for their movies. These fake titles are usually either inside jokes, personal homages, or just random nonsense meant to confuse anyone snooping around.

We decided to find some of these working titles and mix them in with the actual movie posters:


ATTACKOF THE CLONES STAR WARS EPISODE IL JAR JAR'S GREAT ADVENTURE After The Phantom Menace, George Lucas hilariously decided to troll all the Jar Jar haters by giving the sequel the working title Jar Jar's Great Adventure.



THE DARKKNIGHT RORY'S FIRST KISS CRACKED COM Warner Bros. tried to hide the film's development by calling it Rory's First Kiss. The masquerade didn't fool anybody because the geniuses at WB forgot to leave out that the project was being directed by Christopher Nolan and starred Christian Bale.

The Guardian 


INTERSTELLAR THE END OF EARTHEWIRE NOT BE THEEND OFUS FLORA S LETTER Christopher Nolan's Interstellar was filmed under the name Flora's Letter. This was the director's way of saying that the movie was a letter to his daughter, Flora.

Entertainment Weekly


ANT-MAN & THE WASP OUGLAS ISHBURNE PEIFFER a TTAMEN JOHN-EAMEN MAANESTUOS COCGINS ERI PENA DA LIY RUOD CHERRY BLUE CRACKED CO COM The film's working title, Cherry Blue, is a reference to an episode of Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule in which Brule buys a cherry blue car. Director



VENOM ANTIDOTE 10.5.18 REALD 30 MTOOLINEMA IMAX Venom's production team cleverly decided to disguise the film by calling it the opposite of what it was, Antidote. We're gonna guess the sequel that's currently in development is going by Antidote: Let There Be Peace.



SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY REDCUP WARS OR STAR 112NG MAY 25 During its troublesome development, the movie was known as Red Cup likely a tongue in cheek nod to the Solo Cup Company and their red Solo cups.

The Guardian


SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING 3wn MARINA HATTANTO KEATON FAVITAU ZENDAYA TOMET DOWNY SUMMER OF GEORGE CRACKED COM The working titles of all three MCU Spider-Man movies are references to Seinfeld episodes. Homecoming was Summer of George, Far From Home was Fall of George, and the upcoming third movie is going by Serenity Now.

/Film & Collider


SHAZAM! FRANKLIN JUST SAY THE WORD After deciding to set the movie in Philadelphia, the producers codenamed the film Franklin as an homage to the most famous Philadelphian, Benjamin Franklin.



RETURNOF THE JEDI STTARINARS BLUE HARVEST Horor Beyond Imagination During the production of the third Star Wars movie, the working title Blue Harvest was used in order to hide it from the public. It was presented as a horror movie with the tagline Horror Beyond Imagination.



THE AVENGERS MARVEL GROUP HUG MAY 4 CRACKED COM The first Avenger movie was filmed under the working title Group Hug. Joss Whedon choSE the name because he felt the movie was basically one giant superhero group hug.



BIRDS OF PREY tOB WINSTLAD SMOLLTT-FLL HIRIZ MLISSINA ACO WONG MGRGOR FOX FORCE FIVE COM The film went by Fox Force Five during production as an homage to the fictional female-led action movie Uma Thurman's character from Pulp Fiction starred in. Quentin Tarantino gave Margot Robbie his blessing to



DEADPOOL JUSTICE HAS A NEW FACE WHAMI During production, the film's working title was Wham!- a nod to the Merc with a Mouth's favorite band.



CLOVERFIELD CHOCOLATE OUTRAGE 20T MYORA UIB 01.18.08 The filmmakers went to incredible lengths in order to hide every detail about the movie. This included several silly working titles used during production, such as Cheese, Slusho, and Chocolate Outrage.

Los Angeles Times


AQUAMAN AHAB HE'S NOT FROM AROUND HERE The blockbuster was shot under the working title Ahab- a reference to another iconic seaman, Captain Ahab from Herman Melville's Moby Dick.



AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR AND ENDGAME MARYLOL MARVElL STUDIOS The last two Avengers films were shot simultaneously under the working title Mary Lou. The filmmakers chose to name the project after the famous gymnast Mary Lou Retton because the two movies really needed to stick the landing.