17 Bizarre First Drafts Of Iconic Fast Food Logos

The world of marketing is ever changing, and judging by the early concepts for some of the most recognizable fast food brands, that is a good thing. Next time you feel the urge to lament the presence of Wendy's bizarrely aggressive Twitter account, just remember things could be worse - you could be eating at The Dwarf House. 


STARBUCKS STARBUCKS os spi 1971 TEA TM CRACKED CO COM The iconic two tailed mermaid was lifted from a 16th-century Norse Woodcut and is probably a little too detailed (in all the wrong ways) for a logo. This was updated in 1987 to hide her fishy fun-bits, and make her not

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WENDY'S Went' Wendy's 01 HALTRERS 1969 CRAGKED.OON Wendy's didn't change up the old timey, western font until recently, but the creepy, Children Of The Corn original drawing of Wendy only lasted half a decade. Wendy herself looked like a portrait you'd find hanging up in a haunted Victorian style house,

Source: Wendy's


PIZZA HUT Pinza Pizza ut Hut. 1960's Pete CRACKEDOOM The apron-wearing Pizza Pete was made back when character design for any restaurant mascot was just an Italian man in his 50's. Pete's design was characterized by his sleeveless checkered shirt, a bad comb over, a cowboy hat that never makes

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SONIC SONICE DRIVE IN SEIVICE DHRRD OUND Happy Eating -M-M-M-M TEXAS SONIC OKLAHOMA 1963 ARKANSAS CRACKED CONT The first advertisements for Sonic Drive-In feature a well dressed man, who has the body of an earthworm, plug-walking with a steaming sack of hamburgers. They promise 'service with the Speed of

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KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN Kentucky TAKE Fried Ckickes AWAY It's finger lickin' good'. KFC 1952 alare TA wO TM CRACKEDO The first Colonel Sanders had the look of someone who sold fried meat from a roadside motel in Kentucky, which just so happens to be exactly how KFC started. It's finger

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CARL'S JR. Carls Jr. Hoe Just Burget. Bt Carl's K. Casts Hambutge 1956 CRACKED Giving the star shoes has weird implications that somehow just the face didn't. He has hands and feet? Is he Carl Jr.? Was Carl Sr. a real man that made love to a celestial body?

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LITTLE CAESAR'S Lillle aesar's PIZZA TREAT CHICKENFISHSHRIMP CARRY OUTS-DEL/VERY MINUTE ERVCE Little Caesars 1959 CRACKEDOO The Little Caesar's mascot has remained almost entirely unchanged since the 50's, even keeping his tuft of exposed chest hair (Yum!). What is disturbing is the inclusion of FISH and SHRIMP anywhere near my pizza treat.

Source: Little Caesar's 


IHOP Inferatiseal THE HOUSE of PANCAKES HOP 1958 CRACKED IHOP was always a contradiction; the international in the name sounds like a joke when you slide into one of their slick, vinyl booths and order a bacon temptation omelette, but that's nothing compared to the original sign and building. With

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JACK IN THE BOX Jack WYW in the box 1968 CRACKEDoO When you commit to the theme of a mystery box in which the BEST case scenario is one where you are scared by a clown on a spring, your options are limited. Still, this cracked-out snowman jester was a

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HARDEE'S SHAKES 0 Hardee's IUL SOET 1962 DRINKS CRACKED Shakes, french fries, soft drinks? He just wants to grill for god's sake! The original design looks like it was made by the one person in the office that knows about clipart. Also, what logo has a man at a grill

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DUNKIN' DONUTS DUNKIN' Donkin' Donusts 1954 CRACKEDOOM Before a hairy, geriatric store owner enthusiastically announced that it was time to make the donuts, Dunkin' had a mascot called Dunkie. This horrific carbohydrate-gollum, wearing coffee cup pants and a paper hat, proudly served up his confectionary brethren with a wink and

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CHIK-FIL-A Chick -fil -A TM 1967 CRACKED CON Oh yeah I've seen a chicken before -the person who designed the original Chik-fil-A logo, and definitely someone who thinks chickens are the offspring of a rooster and monitor lizard. This is at least an improvement to the original name, The Dwarf

Source: Nice Branding


BASKIN ROBBINS BR 11 BASKIN-ROBBINS ICE CREAM baskin robbins 1953 CRACKED CO This yeehaw, Howdy Doody logo makes me want a cold mug of sarsaparilla, not ice cream. The font doesn't even cleverly hide the 31 in the B.R. initials. All in all this is an uninspired take on the Old

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ARBYS Arby's ROAST BeeF Arby's Sandwich IS DELICIOUS 1964 CRACKEDO Without the contemporary logo's use of the restaurant name to break up the shape, the original signage for Arby's really emphasizes the oversized cowboy hat; the Vegas-style neon sign makes me think less of sandwiches and more of a barnyard

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BUFFALO WILD WINGS WIWIG Wings and W eck Buffalb bw3 The Real wins 1982 CRACKEDOOM Buffalo Wild Wings and Weck, as it was originally called, had a lumpy buffalo on their logo that looked like it suffered from a terrible skin disease and was halfway into being processed for its

Source: Buffalo Wild Wings


BURGER KING BURGER BURGER KING KInG HOME OF THE WHOPPER 1957 CRACKEDO CONT When Burger King first experimented with a mascot, they created this little cherub who sat upon your burger. Maybe the Whopper he is famous for is that gigantic bulge between his legs. They actually went back to

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APPLEBEE'S T.J. Epplebee's Applebee's RX FOR EDIBLES & ELIXIRS GRILL + BAR 1980 CRACKEDCO The original name for Applebee's was T.J. Applebee's Rx For Edibles and Elixirs, which sounds like a Civil War era apothecary. But, no, this name remained until 1986 which means there is a non-0% chance that

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