Hit Me Baby: 12 Music Videos That Are Even Creepier Than You Remember

These 12 music videos are the opposite of fine wine -- they just keep getting cringier with age.


VAN HALEN PRETTY WOMAN CRACKED.COM David Lynch didn't direct this one but the opening scene is right out of his handbook: A struggling woman is bound by her wrists while little peopLE fondle her legs. Because, you know, she's a Pretty Woman.

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TIM MCGRAW I'M AN INDIAN OUTLAW Wigwams? Check. Tom-toms? Yep. Peace pipes? You bet. McGraw's first top-ten hit namechecks every Native American stereotype in the books, all while he hangs out in his buffalo briefs. Somehow, I'm An Indian Outlaw manages to be one of the whitest songs ever.

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FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE STACY'S MOM CRACKEDeO COM Don't all 12-year-old girls invite horny classmates over to ogle their half-naked mothers? We looked at a lot of treatments and some directors were trying to be kind of arty and subtle with it, says FOW'S Adam Schelesinger, but Chris Applebaum went completely



ROBIN THICKE BLURRED LINES CRAGKED COM First you have the song, which multiple outlets have labeled rapey. Then there's the video, with its topless gyrating leading to complaints about demeaning >women. Maybe it's an easy target, muses critic Maura Johnston, because Robin Thicke is kind of slimy.

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LIONEL RICHIE HELLO CRACKED.COM Just your average twice-her-age college professor stalking his unwitting student story. (No, she can't see him creeping around the corner because, hello, she's blind.)



KANYE WEST FAMOUS ORAGKED If Kanye wasn't already Famous, this video probably would have done it. Kim's soOn-to-be ex nuzzles naked wax replicas of celebs including Taylor Swift, Bill Cosby, and Donald Trump. Maybe the video didn't have its intended effect as Kanye had to tweet: Can't somebody sue me



CHICO IT'S CHICO TIME You know what's a bad idea? Surrounding yourself with prepubescents and singing: It's erotic, exotic, hypnotic, that's for sure, put a smile on ya face and take u to a place you've never been before.



GARTH BROOKS THUNDER ROLLS Good luck finding this video on YouTube (although it's on the Internet if you want to dig). Brooks plays an abusive husband who actually strikes down his wife in front of his young daughter. CMT wouldn't air the clip but it still won the CMA

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ERYKAH BADU WINDOW SEAT How much attention can you get for 500 bucks? Erykah Badu filmed a video where she walked through Dallas' Dealey Plaza, removed her clothes, and pretended to get shot in the exact same location JFK was assassinated.. Dallas cops charged Badu with disorderly conduct-. and

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BRITNEY SPEARS HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME The video's director caught flack for featuring the former Mouseketeer grinding in a Catholic schoolgirl outfit. All I did was tie up my shirt, protested Britney. I didn't do anything. Then again, she seems to know she was up to something:

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BILLY IDOL CRADLE OF LOVE You might think the troubling part is the young neighbor crawling in her bra and panties to seduce the Business Guy. But MTV banned the video for featuring Adventures of Ford Fairlaine clips. (Andrew Dice Clay got a lifetime ban for telling naughty nursery

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BENNY MARDONES INTO THE NIGHT She's just sixteen years old, leave her alone, they say. Mardones swore Into the Night was about an innocent platonic relationship, despite the video showing Benny peeping through the high school girl's window. Maybe he forgot the ending when he makes out with her