13 Surprising Bits Of Movie And General Knowledge For Your Delectation

It’s kind of mind-blowing to imagine Johnny Depp being passed over in favor of The Rock in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, yet Tim Burton almost did just that. For more about that and another 12 stories, read on ...


Sleepless in Seattle had to use fake rain. They filmed it in the summer, when there wasn't a lot of rain, SO they had to use trucks with sprinklers for the rain scenes. NOW YOU KNOW

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Beyonce lost out on playing Tiana in The Princess and the Frog because she didn't audition. She wanted the role, but refused to audition -- so the studio just passed on her. NOW YOU KNOW

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The fart sounds in Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle's battle s**ts scene are real. Sound engineer Jeff Kushner couldn't find the right fake fart effect he wanted, so he recorded actual poop and fart noises in a truck stop bathroom. NOW YOU KNOW

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Dwayne Johnson could have been Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Tim Burton considered him for the role, but ultimately went with Johnny Depp The Rock was just starting out in Hollywood at the time, and didn't have anywhere near Depp's star power. NOW YOU KNOW

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In 2015, Seattle Seahawks running back Marshall Lynch massively trolled the NFL. They threatened him with a $500,000 fine if he didn't make himself available for the annual Super Bowl media day that year, so he showed up and answered all questions by saying I'm here so I won't get

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Christopher Walken got his odd speaking style from the people he grew up with. He was a child of immigrants and had grown up around other immigrants, and he says it was very common to hear people pausing during conversation and trying to find the right word- So that's how

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When Frank Sinatra was born, the doctor thought he was stillborn. He was blue and wasn't breathing, and the doctor left him on the counter SO he could focus on his mother. Sinatra only started breathing when his grandmother picked him up, slapped his back, and put him under running

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MLK Jr. was born Michael King. His dad, a Baptist pastor, renamed himself and his son Martin Luther after traveling to Germany -- Martin Luther, the Protestant leader, had seriously inspired him. MLK Jr. was five at the time. NOW YOU KNOW

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The youngest French resistance hero was a six-year-old who carried messages on the battlefield. His dad, a local resistance leader, would receive messages from Charles De Gaulle in London, and six-year-old Marcel Pinte would put them under his shirt and sneak past Nazi patrols. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM

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In 1983, the town of Mallow, lreland, built a runway SO a stranded plane could take off. The plane had to make an emergency landing at the racecourse, but couldn't take off from there, so the captain and crew spent 39 days in town until a temporary runway was built.

Source: Irish Examiner


In 2016, a baby was born twice in Texas. They found a large tumor growing on the baby, so they had to take it out, remove the tumor, and return the baby into the uterus, in the 24th week of pregnancy. The baby was carried to full term, and was

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In high school, Thurgood Marshall was forced to read the U.S. Constitution as punishment for a prank. He got really interested in it, and started memorizing some parts of it. Eventually, he went to law school and became the first Black Supreme Court justice. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM

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Maria Bakalova got the role of Tutar in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm by making herself smell awful. For a screen test, they told her she shouldn't glam herself up, and they put her in a room with a bunch of people. So she wore the smell of a mix of banana

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