15 Popular Characters Who Were Almost A Completely Different Gender

Movie characters often start off as something entirely different than what we end up seeing on the big screen. During production, a lot of them get their entire looks redesigned or even get their personalities rewritten. 

But on a rare occasion, they can also get their gender changed. Like these 15 characters:


STORMFRONT IS A MAN IN THE COMICS. THE BOYS The show's creators decided to change the character's gender for the show in order to create a better dynamic with Homelander. They wanted the character to be Homelander's worst nightmare- a strong woman stealing his spotlight. CRACKED.COM



SNOKE STARTED OFF AS A FEMALE CHARACTER. THE FORCE AWAKENS Star Wars creature designer lvan Manzella says the first-ever concept picture he was asked to do of Snoke presented the character as female but that the idea was quickly abandoned after the initial discussions. CRACKED.COM

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SILENT HILL WAS GOING TO FEATURE HARRY MASON, NOT ROSE. SILENT HILL Christophe Gans started writing the film with the protagonist from the games in mind. However, he changed Mason's gender because he felt the character was too vulnerable to be a man. He didn't think concepts such as feeling

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CAPTAIN PHASMA WAS GOING TO BE A MAN. THE FORCE AWAKENS J.J. Abrams only decided to give the role to Gwendoline Christie after a photo from The Force Awakens table read caused controversy online for having almost no women in the cast. CRACKED.COM



EVELYN SALT WAS ORIGINALLY EDWIN SALT. SALT Before he dropped out, the movie was supposed to star Tom Cruise as the titular character. Since most superspies at that point had been men (like James Bond, Jason Bourne, and Ethan Hunt), the producers decided to go in a fresh direction and

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THE SHADOW KING WAS WRITTEN FOR A MAN. LEGION The show's creator, Noah Hawley, only decided to give the role to a woman after having a meeting with Aubrey Plaza. The actress's only request before accepting the role was for all of the dialogue to remain the same- which is

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A WOMAN WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THE BIG BAD OF IRON MAN 3. IRON MAN 3 According to director Shane Black, Rebecca Hall was supposed to play the Aldrich Killian-type villain but Marvel corporate forced him to change the character into a man because they didn't believe a female character



MURPH WAS ORIGINALLY COOPER'S SON. INTERSTELLAR Christopher Nolan had a change of heart after thinking about his own relationship with his eldest daughter and decided he would rather explore a father-daughter dynamic in the movie, something he felt came naturally to him.



LUKE DANES WAS SUPPOSED TO BE DAISY DANES. GILMORE GIRLS When the network told creator Amy Sherman-Palladino that the show needed another male character, she was too lazy to create a new one from scratch. She simply took the part of Lorelai's friend Daisy, and changed the name to Luke. CRACKED.COM

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BLACK MIRROR'S CROCODILE EPISODE WAS WRITTEN FOR A MAN. BLACK MIRROR Andrea Riseborough originally came in to read for another part, however, she really liked the journey of the main character so she decided to ask the producers if she could read for the role. Although reluctant at first, they

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STARBUCK WAS A MAN IN THE 1978 ORIGINAL. BATTLESTAR GALACTICA The show's co-creator, Ronald D. Moore, decided to cast Katee Sackhoff as Starbuck because he wanted to avoid the rogue pilot with a heart of gold cliche. CRACKED.COM



THE SMART TECH STORE MANAGER WAS GOING TO BE A MAN. techk techi ymartl ted THE4O-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN Jane Lynch only got to read for the role after Steve Carell's wife realized the movie was a total sausage fest and told the filmmakers that they should really add a woman to



RIPLEY WASN'T WRITTEN AS A FEMALE CHARACTER. ALIEN Ridley Scott credits 20th Century Fox president Alan Ladd for coming up with the idea of making Ripley a woman. Scott considered it a fresh direction for the movie and immediately liked the idea. CRACKED.COM

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