15 Head-Scratching Lies Told By Famous Actors

One would think that being a professional actor would instantly make someone a good liar. Turns out, that’s not true at all. Some actors are such horrible liars that you just have to question how they ended up being so successful.

Let’s take a look at some ridiculous, easily verifiable, or just straight-up unbelievable lies that actors tried to sell us:


VIN DIESEL SAID HE USED TO BE A BEASTIE BOYS BACKUP DANCER. FASTA CURIOUS When Ad-Rock was asked about his claim, the musician said that it wasn't true. He thinks Adam Yauch might've helped Diesel get into a dance club once and that the actor might've misinterpreted that as being



TYRESE GIBSON CLAIMED WILL SMITH GAVE HIM $5 MILLION FOR HIS CUSTODY BATTLE. In a 2017 Instagram rant, Gibson claimed that his estranged wife was pregnant, that he's broke, and that Smith gave him $5 million. A couple of weeks later, the actor admitted he made it all up and

Us Magazine & AP


TORI SPELLING LIED ABOUT HOW SHE LOST HER BABY WEIGHT. US WEEKLY After giving birth in 2012, Spelling told Us Weekly that she got into shape by doing low-impact cardio and by dieting. In her 2013 book, the actress revealed that that was a lie her publicist told her to

Us Magazine


T.I. PRETENDED TO BE AN OWNER OF A CRYPTOCURRENCY COMPANY. XCHANGE AND ECURITIES NOISSI In 2020, the SEC charged T.I for promoting FLIK, an unregistered and fraudulent ICO, to his followers and claiming to be its co-owner. He was forced to pay $75,000 and got barred from participating in the cryptocurrency

Rolling Stone


TODD LATOURRETTE LIED ABOUT HOW HE LOST HIS ARM. In 2018, the Better Call Saul actor admitted that he cut his own arm off during a psychotic episode almost 20 years ago. He told people it was an Afganistan war-injury in order to secure more acting jobs.



TERRENCE HOWARD FALSELY CLAIMED TO HAVE A PH.D. IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING. pany In 2013, Howard told Jimmy Kimmel that he got a doctorate from South Carolina State University. However, he actually only got an honorary degree after speaking at the school's commencement ceremony- SCSU doesn't even offer a chemical engineering

Jimmy Kimmel Live!, YouTube & SCSU


STEVE RANNAZZISI LIED ABOUT BEING IN THE WORLD TRADE CENTER ON 9/11. In 2015, The League star came clean and admitted that he came up with the story to get people to like him after moving from New York to Los Angeles.



SCARLETT JOHANSSON SAID SHE WOULD NEVER ATTEMPT TO PLAY A PERSON OF A DIFFERENT RACE. The actress tried to downplay her controversial Ghost in the Shell casting by assuring people sHE wasn't playing an Asian character. This turned out to be a lie as she did end up playing an

LA Times & Washington Post


ROBERT PATTINSON KEEPS LYING ABOUT BEING A HAND MODEL. KOUSEVELT HOTEL B LASTE THE OCKETM As recently as 2019, Pattinson told the same story he's been telling in interviews for over a decade - that he used to do women's hand modeling as a child. However, the story is a complete

Wyoming Public Media & Jimmy Kimmel Live!


LILY ALLEN LIED ABOUT BEING OFFERED A GAME OF THRONES ROLE. In 2014, Allen said she was offered to play Yara Greyjoy alongside her brother but declined the role because it involved too much incest. When her brother Alfie was asked about her story, he said it wasn't true and

The Guardian & Vulture


JENNIFER LAWRENCE LIED ABOUT TAKING A BREAK FROM ACTING. PHOEMG In 2018, the actress announced she'd be taking a year off from acting in order to focus on political activism. Just a few days later, she apparently dropped the idea as her reps told Entertainment Weekly that she would be

ET & Entertainment Weekly


BRIAN DENNEHY LIED ABOUT BEING A VIETNAM WAR VETERAN. For years, Dennehy claimed he did a five-year tour in Vietnam and that he was wounded in action. While the actor did serve in the Marines, he was never in combat or in Vietnam.



BEN AFFLECK LIED ABOUT GETTING A BACK TATTOO. After pictures surfaced of an enormous phoenix tattoo on his back, Affleck told the press it was a fake tattoo he got for a movie. About a year later, after no movie came out featuring him with the tattoo, the actor finally

The New York Times