15 Iconic Movies That Almost Had Drastically Different Titles

Movie titles are an incredibly important part of how we look at and remember movies. Would Citizen Kane be equally iconic if Orson Welles decided to call it A Man and His Sled, or something inconsequential like that? Probably not.

It turns out a lot of our favorite movies started out with some pretty mediocre titles. Such as: 


SPACEBALLS PLANET MORON JOHNCANDY RICK MEL BROOKS MORANIS 'ROIGFIE IF BR 20B8 PLLM AE NA IXW KKLEL URFNIH IH IE HEE INRHH MEV ATWRILV SWE RIS HIN MIRM RMY AMI IS CRACKED CON The film's title was originally supposed to be Planet Moron, however, that was changed in order to avoid confusion after a



THE KARATE KID He taught himthe secret to Karate liesin the mind and heart. Not in the hands. East Meets West in West AJERRY CRACKED COM Ralph Macchio revealed he didn't originally like the film's title but grew to appreciate It after finding out director John G. Avildsen thought about calling



CONJURING THE FROM THE DIRECTOR OF SAW AND INSIDIOUS THE WARREN FILES BASED ON THETRUE CASE EFILESOFTHEY EWARRENS CRACKED cO Early on during the production, James Wan wanted to call the film The Warren Files which would've also served as an umbrella title for all the movies in the Conjuring universe.

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BREAKFAST CLUB THE THE LUNCH BUNCH LB RREAAOTAST R AA CRACKED COM Before it got its iconic title, the movie was going by a much dorkier title, The Lunch Bunch. John Hughes changed it after one of his friends told him about a detention class he used to attend in school

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ON A PLANE SNAKES Sit back. Relax. Enjoy the fright. L JACKSON FLIGHT121 SAMUEL AIR PACIFIC CRACKED COM During the film's production, the studio wanted to change the title from Snakes on a Plane to Pacific Air Flight 121. Samuel L. Jackson wasn't having it and forced the studio to back



SCREAM DAVID ARQUETTE NeVe CAMPBELL COURTENEY Cox SKEET ULRICH DREW BARRYMORE AND SCARY MOVIE SOMEONE'S TAKEN THEIR Love OF SCARY MOVIES ONE STEP Too FAR! CRACKED Wes Craven wanted to call the movie Scary Movie, however, executives at Dimension Films thought that was too tongue-in-cheek. One of the producers eventually got the idea

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LICENCE TO KILL His bad side is a dangerous place to be. TIMOTHY DALTON JAMES BOND 002 LICENCE REVOKED CRACKED CON The movie was supposed to be called Licence Revoked, however, the title made American TesT audiences think of the DMV, SO the studio had it changed.



JOHN WICK KEANU REEVES SCORN DONIT5ET HIM OFF IN CINEMAS APRIL 10 CRACKED CO The film was supposed to be called Scorn but Keanu Reeves kept referring to the project as John Wick in public. This made the filmmakers change the title, as Reeves had basically already done a ton of



HALLOWEEN THE BADYSITTER MURDERS The Night He Came Home! CRACKED When John Carpenter started writing a movie about a babysitter killer, he had a very literal title in mind - The Babysitter Murders. It was producer Irwin Yablans who suggested he change the title and set the movie on Halloween.



GHOSTBUSTERS BILL MURRAY DAN AYKROYD SIGOURNEY WEAVER GHOOSTSTOPPERS NREITMAN BLACK RHINO BERNIE BRILLSTEIN GHOSTBUSTERS' HAROLD RAMIS RICK MORANIS CRACKED CON Due to a 1970s children's show called The Ghost Busters holding the copyright for the name, the filmmakers had a bunch of backup names for the movie in case they failed to secure

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OF TOMORROW EDGE BIE REPEAT ALl. YOU NEED IS KIU DRECTOR OF THEBOURNE IDENTITY AND MR. & MRS STH CRACKED The film originally had the same title as the novel it's based on, All You Need Is Kill. However, the producers found the title problematic and didn't think people would want to

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CHILD'S PLAY CATHERINE HICKS CHRIS SARANDON BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED CRACKED COM The iconic title wasn't creator Don Mancini's first choice. He wanted to call the movie Batteries Not Included, however, that title was already taken. He then first changed it to Blood Buddy, before finally settling on Child's Play.



BEETLEJUICE In This Housc... If Youie Seen One Ghast... You Havent Scen Them AN. Michael Keaton SCARED SHEETLESS The Namel Ie Laoghter From The Hercafter CRACKED CON After Warner Bros. told Tim Burton they wanted to call the movie House Ghosts, the director sarcastically said, Why don't we call it Scared Sheetless?

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ALIEN STAR BEAST i SDACE noore Can hear you scram. CRACKED CON The movie was called Star Beast until the film's writer, Dan O'Bannon, decided to change it after realizing how many times in the script the word alien appeared. He also thought a simpler title worked better.



BACK TO THE FUTURE STEVEN SPIELBERG Presns SPACE MAN FRDMPLUTD ROBERT ZEMECKIS F A He was nevet in me for heis dlasses He waso't in tie for hs dinoer The oe dav. be wasn't n hi tim at al CRACKED COM Universal executive Sid Sheinberg was concerned that the film's title was too