15 Biggest Overreactions In The History Of Actor-Director Feuds

Tensions run high when actors and directors clash over how to create the best end product for you, the viewer. All the stuff on this list? They did it for YOU. 

I hope you're happy.


Rip Torn was fired for de-escalating a knife fight. EASY RIDER CRACKED COM Torn was out to dinner with Dennis Hopper, who starred in and directed the film, when a fight broke out. Hopper pulled a knife, and was enraged when Torn de-knifed him. Hopper later claimed that it was Torn

Source: Washington Post


Werner Herzog held Klaus Kinski at gunpoint. AGUIRRE, THE WRATH OF GOD CRACKED COM The two were close friends and frequent collaborators, but still had regular and brutal on-set clashes the most volatile of which came when Kinski tried to walk out, and Herzog revealed he had a gun.

Source: The Guardian


A soap opera gave Chadwick Boseman the boot. ALL MY CHILDREN When Boseman mentioned that his character - a fatherless gang member perhaps -- was a lazy and hollow stereotype, they fired him (and replaced him with Michael B. Jordan).

Source: Insider


Roman Polanski tore out Faye Dunaway's hair. CHINATOWN Their relationship was already strained, and he was looking for ways to hurt her. One opportunity that presented itself: a bit of hair fell across her face while shooting, sO he yanked it out of her scalp.

Source: Telegraph


Faye Dunaway threw her pee at Roman Polanski. CHINATOWN CRACKED COM Among other awful behavior, Polanski wouldn't allow Dunaway bathroom breaks, forcing her to pee in cups. In protest, she hucked one of her pee cups in his face.

Source: Telegraph


David O. Russell threw a violent temper tantrum. / HEART HUCKABEES After Lily Tomlin expressed frustration with his notes and revisions, he freaked out and started throwing and kicking props all over the set. The whole thing was caught on camera! It's wild!


Sean Connery straight-up retired. THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN Stephen Norrington was a relatively inexperienced director, and he rubbed lots of his actors the wrong way. Connery had such an awful time on set, it took the steam out of his decades-long career. His only work post-League was a


Meghan Fox called her boss Hitler for... making her work. TRANSFORMERS CRACKED.COM Michael Bay isn't the easiest director to work with, but publicly calling him Hitler and insulting his social skills was probably a bad idea. Bay made a public faux-pology: I'm sorry I made you work twelve hours. I'm


Alfred Hitchcock installed a sexual harassment door. THE BIRDS CRACKED COM Hitchcock was a horrible creep to Tippi Hedren, stalking her and making shameless, aggressive sexual advances. The worst thing he did was threaten to ruin her if she wouldn't boink him; the dumbest was installing a door between her dressing


Robert Downey Jr. planted pee landmines. ZODIAC CRACKED COM RDJ isn't the first actor to point out that David Fincher is a demanding director. But he had the most inventive way of saying it: he would leave mason jars full of piss around the set to prove that he didn't have

Source: Esquire


Marlon Brando walked around pantsless. THE SCORE CRACKED COM Brando had it out for director Frank Oz. He would only take direction from him via a third party, called him 'Miss Piggy, and showed up to set Donald Duck-style, SO Oz couldn't film his whole body.

Source: The Guardian


David O. Russell headbutted George Clooney. THREE KINGS Russell, a notorious turd, was known to overreact and scream at crew members. Clooney stepped up to him during one tirade, prompting Russell to headbutt him. Clooney neutralized the weapon by putting him in a headlock.

Source: The Guardian


Brigitte Bardot had to get her stomach pumped. LA VERITE CRACKED COM Horrible monster and occasional director Henri-Georges Clouzot thought Bardot couldn't act asleep, sO he dosed her with sleeping pills (telling her they were painkillers).


Tony Kaye shattered his own hand. AMERICAN HISTORY X CRACKED COM Norton was an incredible pest during production and While editing, Kaye got so fed up that he offered to replace his name with Humpty Dumpty in the credits, then punched a wall sO hard he broke his hand.


Bill Murray cut Harold Ramis out of his life. GROUNDHOG DAY The two had been good friends since appearing together in Ghostbusters, but the relationship deteriorated while Ramis had to direct his old friend. Murray was throwing one of his sregularly-scheduled tantrums when Ramis grabbed by the shirt collar

Source: Vulture

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