14 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About '30 Rock'

30 Rock remains one of the smartest sitcoms to ever air. The writing was tight, the performances were stellar, and, oh yeah, we got to see Tina Fey in her element.  Read on for 14 factoids even the biggest TGS super-fans may not know. 


Jenna and Pete were almost a couple. The storyline didn't make it past a table read. People didn't like how Pete would be cheating on his wife. BEHIND

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Alec Baldwin bought all of Jack's suits after the show ended. T The costume designer said, He wrote a big check to NBC. BEHIND-THE-SCENES CRACKED CO

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Donald Glover did the vocals for Werewolf Bar Mitzvah Before being a Grammy-winner, Childish Gambino did his best Tracy Morgan impersonation. He a

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30 Rock has 7.44 jokes per minute on average Talib Visram calculated that the show had the most jokes per minute compared to other popular sitcoms. BE

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Rachel Dratch was originally cast as Jenna. Dratch ended up playing various smaller characters on the show. BEHIND-THE-SCENES CRACKED COM

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Jon Hamm auditioned for the role of Jack Donaghy He had to settle for playing Liz Lemon's pretty boyfriend. BEHIND-THE-SCENES CRACKED COM

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Tracy Morgan had to have an emergency kidney transplant ATT LCA Sherri Shepherd was brought in as Tracy's wife to continue his storyline (and create t

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John Lutz (Lutz) and Sue Galloway (Sue) are married in real life. So Lutz's girlfriend didn't live in Canada after all. BEHIND-THE-SCENES CRACKED COM

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Alec Baldwin agreed to do the show because he got a four-day weekend. He said he wanted to spend more time with his daughter in LA. BEHIND-THE-SCENES

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The set for Werewolf Bar Mitzvah took 3 days to build. Tracy Jordan Werewolf Bar MIvahE An Evening with Tracy Jordan Geffen Records It was only on s

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Scott Adsit is the voice for Big Hero 6's Baymax. VEL WELC Pete's future isn't as bleak as the show implies. BEHIND-THE-SCENES CRACKED GOM

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Alec Baldwin offered to take pay cut for the final seasons. He took a 20% pay cut in order for the show to continue for seasons 7 and 8. BEHIND-THE-SC

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Tina Fey's first name is Elizabeth, like her character's. Tina comes from her middle name Stamatina. BEHIND-THE-SCENES CRACKED GOM

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Steve Buscemi directed 2 episodes. He parodied his own often memed line How do you do, fellow kids? during the 2020 SAG Awards. BEHIND-THE-SCENES CR

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