12 Bizarre Yet Real Things That Happened In The Past Few Weeks

In movies, vast fortunes are hidden behind elaborate booby traps, snarling dogs, watchful guards, and so on. In reality, which is much dumber and more boring, there’s just a password form that locks you out after enough tries. Anyway, we’ve got more details about that story and more here:


The pandemic is causing a sperm shortage. Lots of people want babies, which means sperm banks are depleting their supplies fast- so sperm kings,' gu

Source: Inside Hook


A 43-year-old in Japan was arrested for making counterfeit popsicle sticks. R77 19 46 s One person sent in 25 rare popsicle sticks you could redeem fo

Source: Sora News 24


You can now buy official Thomas Kinkade- style Mandalorian artwork. Thomas Kinkade Studios came out with The Mandalorian Collection, which immortalize

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A French woman has been trying to prove she's alive for the last three years. 8 5 6 Somehow, during a lawsuit, a judge declared her dead without an ac

Source: The Guardian


To get around curfew orders, a Quebec couple tried to go for a walk with the husband on a leash. (this isn't the Quebec couple) You can go out after 8

Source: CTV News


A hacker locked into their internet-connected chastity cages and extorted them. CELL MATE The manufacturer had left an API exposed, which made the cag

Source: VICE


A retired firefighter threw a fire extinguisher at cops during the Capitol riot. A video from the riot showed a guy throwing the fire extinguisher at

Source: CNBC


Dutch customs officers are taking UK truck drivers' ham sandwiches. Ba5 01 DDOUANE CUSTOMS Now that the UK has left the EU, personal imports of meat a

Source: The Guardian


The COVID relief and spending bill also forced intelligence agencies to share any knowledge about UFOS. The bill, signed in December, has a stipulatio

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A NYC couple faked a positive COVID test SO their trial could be delayed. atory daterlimy Address: Requested blood COVID-19 NaF () Result ctea type: c

Source: NBC New York


Bitcoin early adopters are trying to guess decade-old passwords to get hundreds of millions of dollars. A bunch of people who bought Bitcoin early on

Source: New York Times


In Moscow, the authorities closed a Stalin-themed shawarma joint. F3 DONER STAL'IN STA Koe eecenee: c co6om Apparently, everything was fine from a leg

Source: Moscow Times, Reuters