13 Bits Of Awesome Trivia (About Movies And More) To Brighten Your Day

Christianity would have been very, very different if it turned out that Our Lord and Savior pulled a switcharoo at the last minute and ran off to Japan where he became a garlic farmer. Well, tens of thousands of people apparently believe that version of the story. Anyway, here are the full details on that story and more:


Mussolini did not actually make the trains run on time. The misperception grew out of a 1936 comment by an American journalist, and the Fascist propag

Source: The Independent


Marilyn Monroe married for the first time at 16, and she basically did it just to stay out of the orphanage. Her mother was schizophrenic and often ho

Source: Vanity Fair


In 1992, Russian president Boris Yeltsin drummed on the Kyrgyzstan president's head with spoons. There was no particular reason for it, he just did cr

Source: Reuters


Implanting a tooth in an eye can restore someone's vision. They take out one of your teeth, put a plastic lens on it, then implant it into your cheek

Source: HowStuffWorks


The Aral Sea dried up because of a massive Soviet engineering project. For decades, the Soviets dug thousands of miles of irrigation canals away from

Source: National Geographic


In the early 20th century, a Russian doctor thought monkey testicle grafts could make you live forever. He thought sexual glands were the source of en

Source: Atlas Obscura


Every year, 000 people visit a Japanese village where, locals claim, Jesus Christ died. The locals in Shingo say Jesus switched places with his brothe

Source: 6 Normal Places People Claimed Were The Sites Of Ancient Legends


In 1992, U.S. Navy ships almost killed 400 journalists. The journalists took pictures of Navy SEALS landing on the Somali coast for an invasion, and a

Source: SOFREP


Joseph Gordon-Levitt personally picked the porn in his movie Don Jon. It was a pretty tedious and time-consuming task, he said, and he only did it S

Source: Vulture


David Harbour lost out on playing The Blob in X-Men Origins: Wolverine because of a dumb joke. At the end of his audition, he pulled up his shirt, Squ

Source: ScreenRant


The Hobbit filmmakers changed Smaug when they saw Benedict Cumberbatch's mo-cap. He slithered on the ground like a big worm, just like Tolkien describ

Source: MTV


AIfred Hitchcock could have directed the first James Bond movie. Bond creator lan Fleming suggested Hitchcock, and they sent him the idea for a movie

Source: Variety


James Cameron originally didn't want Titanic to end with My Heart Will Go On. He thought the film was too serious for a pop song, and apparently sai

Source: Billboard

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