13 Fun Things You Probably Never Knew About Movies, Science, And More

Steve Jobs is kind of a controversial figure, but there’s one thing we can pretty much all agree he deserves praise for: turning The Office into a massive hit. Here are more details on that and 12 other stories:


The original job of the Senate sergeant at arms was to keep the senators in the building. A majority of senators have to be present for the Senate to

Source: U.S. Senate


Corsets went out of fashion partly because they were a problem for military production. They included a lot of metal, which the U.S. badly needed in W

Source: Inside Hook


For almost three months, the country of Sweden had an official phone number. Anyone could call, and a regular everyday Swede could answer, and you cou

Source: The Swedish Number


ITunes basically saved The Office. Colloge In the first week TV shows became available on iTunes, four of the five most popular NBC TV episodes were f

Source: New York Times


In the 18th century, a French army pharmacist went on a mission to popularize potatoes. The Prussians who had captured him fed him potatoes, and he di

Source: Atlas Obscura


In 2017, a guy from Houston, Texas, imported a WWII tank and put it on his front lawn. 2A862 Everything was fully legal, but the homeowner's associati

Source: Texas Monthly


The phrase turn a blind eye comes from Admiral Nelson being cleverly disobedient. In the 1801 Battle of Copenhagen, they gave him the signal to back

Source: Britannica


In 2007, a Canadian guy's wheelchair was pushed by a semi for miles, and he was totally OK. On a street crossing, the semi began moving with Ben Carpe

Source: Toronto Star


Michael Phelps could have played a live-action Tarzan. Producer Jerry Weintraub saw Phelps swimming and thought he'd be great for 2016's The Legend of

Source: Yahoo


Stanley Kubrick tried to get insurance against aliens making contact before 2001 came out. He asked Lloyd's of London for the insurance, but they said

Source: Londonist


The Hidden City Cafe from Monsters Inc. was a real place. 990 dies cappuccino espresso HIDDEN CITY COR emcruls Herr Seream ROLLING Shortage Looms BLAC

Source: MTV


They had to get a stand-in penis for Willem Dafoe in Antichrist. Dafoe's is So big that everybody got very confused when they saw it, according to d

Source: The L Magazine


As a child, Miley Cyrus picked up bras and underwear off the stage after her dad's shows. Whenever she found a big one, she'd go, Dad! I found your b

Source: Rolling Stone