15 Misguided Attempts to Keep Long-Running Franchises up with the Times

When your franchise has been going on for years (let alone decades), it can be hard to keep things fresh and relevant. Introducing new, trendy stuff can seriously misfire if you aren’t careful -- and by being careful, we mean “know what the Hell you’re doing.” For every Goof Troop or DuckTales reboot, there are many… well, many of these. Chase trends just because they’re trendy, and you’re very likely to be flooring the gas pedal on the way to Lametown.

We hope these at least serve as cautionary tales on how not to be down with the kids.


Power-twerk girls! Do you know what’s needed to make The Powerpuff Girls appealing to the internet generation? Twerking and outdated memes!

Source: The All State


CALCULATORS! 1976 When pocket calculators became a thing, DC Comics attempted to ride the trend - by dressing up a villain in a numeric keypad. what c

Sources: DC Database, Alchetron


BEATNIK FELINES! 1967 In their final days, the Looney Tunes were trying to be hep with Cool Cat, a Pink Panther rip-off who was also a beatnik. Too

Source: Cartoon Research


GIBBERISH! The Teen Titans were created to rope in young readers -- so the Titans discussed  teenage issues of the '60s

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TEEN DETECTIVES! 1991 Yo Yogi! transplanted Yogi Bear and his crew to a shopping mall, where he ran a detective agency (as all the kids were doing).

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SKATEBOARDS! 1980S-2000S Nothing screams with it like boards on wheels. Several times since the '80s, Marvel has introduced characters like Rocket R

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FINGER SNAPPING! NAF SN 1960 To draw in the young'uns, the first Justice League included Lucas Snapper Carr, a regular teen who spoke in cringey sl

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The Fresh Prince was the biggest thing on TV -- so what did Disney do? Yes, exactly that. They put out Adventures in Wonderland

Sources: Los Angeles Times, YouTube


DISCO! 1980 Dazzler was going to be big! As big as disco! Marvel and Casablanca Records teamed up to create this multimedia character, who'd span comi

Source: Syfy Wire


HIPPIE GOLEMS! 1968 Artists over at DC came up with Power Brother, the Geek- a tailor's dummy animated by lightning, which lived among hippies. Higher

Source: CBR


S- snowflakes? 2020 In 2020, Marvel introduced Snowflake, a non-binary superhero along with their twin brother, Safespace. The title was ultimately ca

Sources: CBR, GamesRadar+


Hard rock! How do you make The NeverEnding Story III fresh and relevant in the ’90s?

Source: Movie clip (YouTube)


SCREAMING HIPPIES! 1973 What was the hippies' deal? Well, they screamed at you and tripped balls. So Marvel's villain (of course he was a villain) Ang

Source: The Fwoosh


REALITY SHOWS! 2002 If the Halloween franchise starts to feel stale going into its eighth movie, just add some Big Brother! In Halloween: Resurrection

Source: Movie Rant


Celebrity cameos! Wanna stop being a nerd, nerd? Then go to Minnie Mouse’s Center for the Totally Unhip

Sources: Los Angeles Times, Promo on YouTube

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