15 Secret Reasons Behind Celebrities' Iconic Quirks

You probably think celebs are just a bunch of attention-seekers. Well, you're 99 percent right. But then there's also that 1 percent of the celebrity's persona that results from something totally unexpected ...


Steven Van Zandt CRACKEDcO Van Zandt always wears a bandana when playing for the E Street Band. He adopted the look because when he was young, an auto

Source: Star Tribune


Tommy Fianagan CRACKEDCON Tommy Flanagan, from Gladiatorand Sons of Anarchy, has some visible scars around his mouth. That's because back in 1992, he

Source: Vulture


Steven Tyier CRACKEDOON Tyler famously drapes a bunch of scarves off his mic. He says this started when an old shirt and scarf became too torn to wear

Source: Does The Noise In My Head Bother You? by Steven Tyler


Howie Mandel CRACKED CON Mandel fist-bumped contestants on Deal Or No Dealinstead of shaking hands. He wasn't trying to be COoOl. He has obsessive- co

Source: ABC News


Sia CRACKEDCON Sia sang for a decade before she started hiding her face with a wig. Which makes it sound like a ame-seeking gimmick, but she says it's

Source: AAP


Thom Yorke CRACKED.CO The lead singer of Radiohead is known for having a droopy eyelid, that many people think is a lazy eye. Says Thom, was born wit

Source: Esquire


Seal CRACKED.COI Rumor says that those markings on Seal's face are some kind of tribal scars. They're actually from a skin condition called discoid lu

Source: The Guardian


Tina Fey VAL. 444044 4444444 CRACKEDCON Fey has a scar under her lip. When she was five years old, a stranger approached her and slashed her face with

Source: Chicago Tribune


Syivester Stallone CRACKED cO When Sylvester Stallone was born, a pair of forceps severed a nerve on the left side of his face. This resulted in his t

Source: Chicago Tribune


George Carlin CRACKED CON Carlin generally just wore a black shirt. He said he had contempt for people who wore clothes with any kind of brand or logo

Source: Braindroppings by George Carlin


Sinead 'Connor What's with her shaved head? Is she just trying to look Cool? Not exactly. She cut her hair all off after record execs pushed her to lo

Source: The New Yorker


John Madden GRUISER ADDEN OUTB CRACKED COM Madden always rode the bus to games, never flying. The reason: He was claustrophobic. Of course, sitting in

Source: Chicago Tribune


Penn Jillette CRACKEDCON Penn lillette's one red fingernail is a sign of respect and remembrance for his mother. The color is lelly Apple Red. He al

Source: Penn Jillette


Olivia Munn CRACKEDCON Munn has changed her face over the years, but not her eyelashes. Those have always been synthetic. That's because she tears out

Source: USA Today


The Wiggies - This children's band's signature gesture involves pointing straight in front.

Source: New Zealand Herald