13 Ways To Find Peace Of Mind In These Bleak Times

There's no denying 2020 was a difficult year, and 2021 isn't shaping up to be much easier. Here are some research findings on how to find happiness, or at least peace of mind, regardless of external factors.  


Take a walk in the park. CRACKED.COM Walking in greenspaces at least once a week can help reduce work-related stress.

Source: Science Daily


Improve your life satisfaction with social strategies. Whatever you decide to pursue, make sure there's a social element to it to increase your overal

Source: EurekAlert


Set goals that involve giving to others. CRACKEDEOM Research shows giving to others helps your own well-being.

Source: Science Daily


Do frequent physical activity Hate to say it, but all research points to there being a positive association between happiness and exercise.

Source: EurekAlert


Work for a more equal world. CRACKED COM Whether you are better or worse off, inequality reduces happiness on average.

Source: EurekAlert


It's better to always feel your feelings, even unpleasant ones. CRACKED.COM Being happy requires having meaningful and valuable experiences, including

Source: Science Daily


Getting older leads to a sense of peace and calm CRACKEDOOM Luckily, aging is easy to do. People over 60 years old report more feelings of ease and co

Source: Science Daily


Lower your expectations. EXEDT DELAS CRACKED COM Day-to-day happiness is not just about how well things are going but if things are going better than

Source: Science Daily


People who consume less are happier. CRACKED COM Reducing consumption is better for your wellbeing than buying environmentally friendly products.

Source: Science Daily


Natural resilience isn't as common as we think. CRACKED COM Don't beat yourself up over not bouncing back after set-backs. Feeling decline after a maj

Source: Science Daily


People who enjoy zombie movies are better prepared during Covid-19 CRACKED.cO Researchers believe those who like post-apocalyptic stories are dealing

Source: Science Daily


Spending money on others will make you happier. CRACKED COM Regardless of income, people who spend money on others were happier than those who spent m

Source: Science Daily


Don't put too much focus on pursuing happiness CRACKED.COM The pursuit of happinness can make you feel like time is scarce, leading you to feel unhapp

Source: EurekAlert

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