15 (Once-Cute) Cameos From Awful People

If you're thinking about writing a cameo into your major motion picture, consider… not doing that. It's a safe bet that whichever beloved personality you're asking to wink directly into the camera will ultimately be disgraced.

Here are a few such instances where, while cute at the time, a celebrity's appearance made a show or movie much more sinister:


AIfred Hitchcock MARNIE Hitchcock is known for cameos in his creepy films, but this one is IRL creepy. He briefly follows actress Tippi Hedren out ofa

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Jared Fogle SUPER SIZE ME CRACKED.COM In a segment where he speaks to high school kids, the future child pornography arestee claims 'my big thing was

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Chris Brown THE O.C. Before his parallel careers in music and domestic battery, he had a three-episode stint on The O.C. as Will Tutt, Kaitlin's good

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Kevin Spacey GOLDMEMBER CRACKED COM Before his career-ending career-ending penchant for sexually assaulting minors in the entertainment industry came

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Bill Cosby JACK In retrospect, his bit part as Jack's tor-mentor was probably close to the height of his popularity. This was in 1996, when he was sti


Lance Armstrong DODGEBALL LIS e CRACKEDCON Armstrong gave the (also bad, in retrospect!) Vince Vaughn a pep talk about not giving up, but later admitt

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Michael Jackson MEN IN BLACK ll He makes a quick appearance as Agent M, delivering some vital information to MIB HQ and begging to become a Man In B

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Charlie SheEN BEING JOHN MALKOVICH When Malkovich is starting to catch on that something is amiss, he consults his best friend - who would later becom

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O. J. Simpson DISNEY'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND Simpson appeared as himself in this already unsettling kids' show, which made the truly baffling choic


Hulk Hogan GREMLINS 2 The future bane of web publishing tears off his tanktop and threatens to fight the gremsters before breaking the fourth wall a

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Vanilla Ice TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES ll 30 years before he was, extremely sadly, the crown jewel of the president's New Year's Eve celebration, Ic

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David Hasselhoff GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 After he drunkenly berated his daughter, and after creating a reality show with the explicit goal of f

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CeeLo Green TEEN TITANS GO! CRACKED COM Before Green made his horrific definition of sexual battery clear via Twitter, he sang a magical song to open

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Lori Loughlin SEINFELD Two years after Full House ended, she was on the Serenity now! episode of Seinfeld, playing Jerry's girlfriend. She later bec


Harvey Weinstein A FREAKING BARBIE MOVIE On this direct-to-DVD movie, My Scene Goes To Hollywood, Weinstein makes a bunch of young actresses jealous b

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