12 Bizarre Recent News Stories That Are Somehow Real

It’s true that the news is kind of a barrage of awfulness and that 2021 hasn’t exactly been living up to expectations so far. But among that awfulness, some truly weird things have been happening -- and while they can’t outweigh the rest, they’re at least welcome comic relief. Here are 12 examples:


Poland is establishing a compensation fund for any negative effects from the COVID vaccine. Protocol COV001 Kit #: 52077 Lot #: Lot #: A03382 Expiry d

Source: Poland In


Boris Johnson's father wants to become a citizen of France. 10 His mother, who was French, was born in France, and he says he'll always be European.

Source: CNN


Russian police raided a mountain convent to liberate it from a renegade priest. wM HOS GAK WST 2 A%1 SBHP Father Sergiy, who was cast out of the Russi

Source: Reuters


The Girl Scouts are suing the Boy Scouts. girl scouts The Boy Scouts have started allowing girls to join in 2018 and, according to the lawsuit, people

Source: CBS News


British police mounted a large-scale search for a potato. fat A woman walking her dog spotted what looked like a human foot poking out of the ground,

Source: BBC


French burglars tried to use wine bottles as weapons. CRLL Cutt Oire oIS Cuin OMATEAL E CRiTEAU SINTENAY CriTEM SANTEN SANTENAY DELACREE DE LAOTE ges

Source: The Guardian


Squirrels are terrorizing Queens, NY. In December, squirrels have attacked people ferociously enough to leave them bloodied, and some residents are no

Source: CBS


Pakistani police arrested a guy in a werewolf mask on New Year's Eve. He was arrested for allegedly riding his motorcycle around town and making roari

Source: The Independent


Denmark started airing a kids' show about a man who has the world's longest penis. In the (completely asexual) show, aimed at kids aged 4 to 8, John D

Source: RTL Today


In Portland, a murder suspect got out because a cleaning crew was sloppy. Apparently, a precinct cleaning crew member unlocked his holding room to dis

Source: NBC News


lllegal squatters at the site of the oldest city in the Americas threatened the archeological team working there. The squatters, who claim they were g

Source: The Guardian


An English woman found a 2nd-century Roman slab in her garden. 1O FOL She had used it as a mounting block for horses for about a decade, but then saw

Source: CNN

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