15 Bizarre Things Used For Iconic Movie Special Effects

Big-budget movies are so polished, you’d think they used nothing but custom-made props, produced from high-end materials. But sometimes, they just resort to using weird and/or everyday things that somebody on the production team realized would work great. For example:


Some of Gollum's spit in the Lord of The Rings movies is actually Andy Serkis' own spit. Gollum sometimes spits when he's talking excitedly, and they

Source: FilmSchoolRejects


The poop Samwell had to clean on Game of Thrones was wet fruitcake. They soaked fruitcake in water, and then sculpted it into poop-like forms. Shootin

Source: 7 Special FX That Were Made Out Of Food (And Super Gross)


The information discs that programs wear on their backs in Tron are really Frisbees. Frisbee coach Sam Schatz was hired to train the actors how to use

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The slime on the drawers in the library in Ghostbusters is a Chinese food starch methyl silos. CRACKEDGOM

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In the villain's aquarium in Dr. No, that's just stock footage of fish swimming. The movie could only afford to buy footage of goldfish-sized fish, so

Source: The Guardian, IMDB


The T-Rex's roar in Jurassic Park is a blend of a tiger snarling, a baby elephant squealing, and an alligator gurgling.

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The giant computer in the Pentagon's Space Command in Independence is an actual, decommissioned Air Force computer. Called the AN/FSQ-7, it was a revo

Source: WIRED, Starring The Computer


In The Wizard of Oz, they used chocolate syrup instead of machine oil. Real machine oil just didn't look that good on camera, so the Tin Man's tears a

Source: Today.com


A garbage bag was used for the titles in The Thing. THING THE The lettering was on the back of a fish tank filled with smoke, behind part of a plastic

Source: Art of the Title


In the 2012 Les Mis movie, Anne Hathaway sang next to decomposing fish. The barrels of fish around her during the song I Dreamed a Dream were filled

Source: 5 Famous Movies That Used Horrifying Substances for Effects


Newborns in movies are covered in grape jelly and cream cheese. Apparently, slathering a baby in that is the most convincing option for a realistic-lo

Source: 7 Special FX That Were Made Out Of Food (And Super Gross)