13 Now-You-Know Nuggets Of Movie And General Knowledge

Overcoming rejection is a staple of creative types’ biographies, but you might not have known about the crucial role it played in Stan Lee’s creation of Spider-Man. Basically, Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland all owe their careers to his persistence. Here’s the whole story, plus 12 others:


In 2016, they found a new room in the sprawling Winchester Mystery House. ETTRUT It's in the attic, and it contained paintings, a Victorian sofa, a pu

Source: Architectural Digest


Japan's tsunami-prone Tohoku region has a saying for self-preservation during a disaster. It's called inochi tendenko, or self-preservation, and i

Source: Japan Times


In 2014, a Florida family ate a steak they didn't know was laced with LSD, and the pregnant mother gave birth that night. It was a Walmart steak.

Source: NBC News


A dog was the mayor of a Californian town from 1981 to 1994. He was nominated as a joke, but he beat out the two actual candidates, and they kept him

Source: Atlas Obscura


The Inuit resolve disputes through singing contests. Each of the two people involved in the dispute composes a song ridiculing the other and performs

Source: Pennsylvania State University


We only have Spider-Man because Stan Lee wouldn't take no for an answer. His publisher didn't like the character (he thought people hated spiders, and

Source: TIME


A beauty YouTuber helped us learn more about how Roman women did their hair. She couldn't recreate a Roman hairstyle using hairpins, So she researched

Source: The Cut


The solution to a 19th-century mystery was found in Sir David Attenborough's back garden. In 1879, Julia Martha Thomas was murdered by her maid.

Source: BBC


Martin Scorsese hates it when actors emphasize something by moving their eyebrows. He does not allow eyebrow movement

Source: BBC


Matrix movie fact - The fetish club where Trinity meets Neo in The Matrix is exactly what it looks like. It's a real S&M club in Sydney.

Source: FilmSchoolRejects


Elf movie fact - Elf was supposed to feature Macy's, but Macy's wasn't into it.

Source: ABC News


Ghostbusters movie fact - Ernie Hudson auditioned to play Winston Zeddemore in the Ghostbusters cartoon, but didn't get cast.

Source: AV Club


The Social Network movie fact - Mark Zuckerberg criticized his portrayal in The Social Network, except for the wardrobe.

Source: The Guardian