13 Odd Facts About Movies (And More) To Feed Your Brain

If you thought the movie star that made the most on-screen kills was, say, Bruce Willis or Arnold Schwarzenegger, you’d have been wrong. It’s Milla Jovovich, because her big franchise (that happens to be pretty obscure) is more violent than anyone else’s. We’ve got more details on that, and more, here:


The first battle of ironclad ships in the Civil War was kind of slapsticky. They fired hundreds of shots at each other, but neither one could pierce t

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The longest conveyor belt in the world is SO big, you can see it from space. It's 60 miles long, and, when it's in use, it takes 2,000 metric tons of

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An old car factory in Turin, Italy, has a racetrack on the roof. The Fiat factory (which closed in 1982) had an assembly line that led onto a racetrac

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There's a rare condition that turns all your soft tissue to bone. In fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva, bone gradually replaces your muscles, liga

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Neutron stars are SO dense, a teaspoon of stuff from one would weigh 1 billion tons. NOW YOU KNOW

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Leeds United Football Club manager Marcelo Bielsa made his players clean SO they could better appreciate their fans. When he found out the average fan

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The Hobbit filmmakers kind of duped Evangeline Lilly. After having been in a long-running love triangle on Lost, she wanted them to promise they would

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The most lethal actress ever is Milla Jovovich. She has 1,296 on-screen kills (most of them in the Resident Evil franchise). Jet Li is in second place

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11 people were needed to operate Chucky in Child's Play. And the puppeteers under the set had reversed monitors for some reason, so they'd make Chucky

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When Bill Paxton died in 2017, storm chaser fans paid tribute to his role in Twister. Forn Colins Colorado Prnbi LDoCk On their Spotter Network, they

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Tomato juice doesn't actually get rid of skunk odor. Skunk odor just gets masked by the tomato juice smell, which is stronger. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED CO

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Reservoir Dogs torture scene was too gory for Wes Craven. When the film was shown at Sitges Film Festival in Spain, Craven and four other people walke

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The most expensive drug ever costs $2.1 Million. onasemnogene abeparvovec-xioi aemoene ZOLGENSMA abeanoi GBUSMA RCNY ye gmnceesnl E7E15-00 ORSYEC abep

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