15 Sly References to the Source Material in Movies and Shows

There’s a reason why adaptations and remakes aren’t exactly the same as the original: That’s because otherwise you wouldn’t have two stories -- you’d have one story, twice. You’d be paying for top talent and state-of-the-art effects, just to end up with a perfectly redundant product in your hands.

But even as creators put their own spin on the stuff they’re resampling, they also include little nods to the source material. It’s kind of like their way to tell you, “Yes, I do know the original, now get off my case.” These are some examples of that.


Thor: Ragnarok Valkyrie is referred to as Scrapper 142. The character first appeared in issue #142 SEES of Incredible Hulk. HURLI DEA WC

Source: CBR


The Umbrella Academy In Season 2, Klaus pretends to be able to levitate (with some help from his brother Ben's spirit). In the comic, he does have the

Source: Screen Rant


Venom The symbiote randomly asks Eddie to get tater tots and chocolate. In the comic, Venom eats chocolate to get his fix of a substance he otherwis

Sources: Movie clip (YouTube), Syfy Wire


The Twilight Zone The classic series includes an episode titled The Brain Center at Whipple's. The name Whipple inconspicuously appears

Source: GameSpot


The Boys In the comic, Hughie Campbell is drawn to look like Simon Pegg. In the series, Simon Pegg plays Hughie's dad.

Source: Business Insider


Shazam! The movie includes several references to tigers (including Shazam's cape clasps). laiile A tiger named Tawky Tawny was a recurring character i

Source: Comic Book


Dunder Mifflin's address is The Office mentioned a couple times to be 1725 Slough Avenue, Scranton, PA. OUNDER MIFFLIINY The British original is set i

Source: Screen Rant


The Mummy (1999) An ally of the main characters against Imhotep is named Ardeth Bay. Ardeth Bay was a name Imhotep himself used in the original Bori

Source: Universal Monsters Universe


Jessica Jones Kilgrave's fondness for the color purple is no accident. In the comics, the character is known as Purple Man, and his skin is literall

Source: Screen Rant


Game of Thrones They said you'd lost your nose, Cersei tells Tyrion after the Battle of the Blackwater, but it's not as gruesome as all

Sources: The Arts Desk, Business Insider


Django Unchained A stranger played by Franco Nero questions Django about how his name is spelled. Nero starred in the original Django movi

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


Battlestar Galactica The theme from the 1970s show was repurposed in the 2000s revival as the anthem of the Twelve Colonies.

Source: Bear McCreary's Official Site


Addams Family Values Gomez and Morticia have a baby, and they name HIM Pubert. Pubert was almost Pugsley's name in the 1960s series lit was

Source: Screen Rant


Jurassic World A velociraptor is messily taken out with a rocket launcher. Over the top? Sure.

Sources: Movie clips (YouTube), GamesRadar+


The Avengers In the post-credits scene, Thanos grins when told that to challenge humans is to court death. VEADLY In the comics he literally courts

Sources: Movie clip (YouTube), Syfy Wire