16 Celebrities Who Are Probably Smarter Than You Think

Celebrities' public image can often be affected by characters they play and the media coverage they're given. For some celebrities, that can result in a collective belief that they're, let's say, not the sharpest crayon in the box. You might be surprised to learn the academic credentials of some of the silver screen's finest idiots, however. Here's 16 celebrities that are frustratingly smart, in addition to being incredibly successful. Gimme some of that brain juice! You're a millionaire!


Kristen Stewart Stewart may have entered the acting sphere as the blank-faced romantic interest of a hot vampire, but you'll also find her name on an

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Kesha lCRACKEDCON Brushing your teeth with bottle of a Jack might make people question your brain function, but before becoming a pop star, Kesha rack

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Ken Jeong CRACKED COM Despite most people meeting him jumping buck-ass naked out of a car trunk in The Hangover, Ken Jeong is a actively licensed medi

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Flavor Flav CRACKED.cO COM Home decor fashion icon Flavor Flav was considered a musical prodigy as a child. He taught himself how to play multiple ins

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David Duchovny CRACKEDCON Fox Mulder was almost played by a Dr. David Duchovny, who was on his way to a PhD in English Literature from Yale University

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Cindy Crawford CRACKEDCON Man, that Cindy Crawford is lucky she's pretty! Otherwise, she would have been stuck, uh, finishing her degree in Chemical E

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Conan O'Brien CRACKED.COM Conan O'Brien not only went to Harvard, but managed to graduate Magna Cum Laude. Also surprising: the Masturbating Bear is n

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Tim Duncan CRACKED.COM All-time NBA great Tim Duncan can also be found in the bylines of a psychology book, from a section on interpersonal reactions

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Sylvester Stallone CRACKEDcO Sylvester Stallone may get painted as a meathead, in part because of the slurred speech patterns caused by Bell's Palsy.

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Natalie Portman Natalie Portman's research work has been published twice in scientific journals. Don't call yourself a Portman fan if you haven't read

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Pauley Perrette NCIS isn't exactly accurate (double hacking, anyone?) but Pauley Perrette was pursuing a genuine master's in criminology before her ro

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Dexter Holland CRACKED.COM Lead singer of The Offspring? I think you mean DOCTOR lead singer of The Offspring. Dr. Dexter Holland received a PhD from

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Offensive Linemen CRACKEDOONT In movies, offensive linemen are usually cross eyed behemoths good for a fart joke or two. But they're actually the smar

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Dolph Lundgren CRACKED COM Usually, we don't expect guys who look like they eat smaller men for sustenance to be brain wizards. Lundgren's master's de

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Ashton Kutcher CRACKED CON Before he was putting snakes in Rihanna's SUV for kicks, Ashton Kutcher was working on a degree in biochemical engineering

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Lisa Kudrow Kudrow may be known for playing the stupidest character in a show that also featured Joey Tribbiani, but off screen, she studied biology a

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