How 15 Celebrity Stage Names Came To Be

Some celebs find their given name so embarrassing, they have to make up a fun new one – or even a whole new personality. 

And then there's Caryn. She's a performer you definitely know, who came up with a world-renowned moniker based on her most un-hide-able flaw. 


David Bowie This town ain't big enough for two Joneses... that's okay, I'll leave. - David Bowie, maybe. Originally named DAVID JONES, he changed it

29 Celebrity Names With Insane Backstories You Never Knew


Jamie Foxx CRACKED.COM Up-and-coming comedian ERIC MARLON BISHOP thought he needed an edge, SO he called himself Jamie, in the hopes that he'd be mi

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Bono PAUL DAVID HEWSON wanted to pay homage to his hometown... 's hearing aid shop. Bonavox Shop is a sporty little hearing aid store in Dublin.



Keanu Reeves That's actually his real name! And it's Hawaiian for cool breeze! The wild part is that his agent once tried to get him to change his n

29 Celebrity Names With Insane Backstories You Never Knew


Ringo Starr CRACKED COM RICHARD STARKEY was always a drum wiz, and pals used to call his solos Starr Time. As for the Ringo part? Strap in, it's a


Lady Gaga A producer thought her voice sounded like the Queen song Radio Ga-Ga. When he went to text her that bon mot, it was autocorrected to Lady


John Legend Poet J. Ivy once told him JOHN STEPHENS was a bit old-school' for his legendary sound. When Chrissy Teigen was asked why she didn't ta


Vin Diesel He began life as MARK SINCLAIR, but transformed into Vin Diesel when, as a young nightclub bouncer, friends noticed he was so jacked out of


Calvin Harris CRACKED COM ADAM WILES won't answer to Calvin Harris when he's not behind the DJ booth: I'm sorry this is ridiculous. You're speaking


Miley Cyrus ICRACKEDCOM DESTINY HOPE CYRUS wanted to use a stage name when she began acting, SO she went with a slight twist on her childhood moniker,


Carmen Electra A yine CRACKED CON When she was trying out for a musical group, a young TARA LEIGH PATRICK was told by none other than Prince that: Yo


lggy Azalea CRACKED CON When her dog was recovering from a snake bite, a young AMETHYST AMELIA KELLY got a necklace with his name on it: Iggy. She w


Nicolas Cage CRACKED COM A young actor named NICOLAS KIM COPPOLA kept getting razzed by his castmates on his first gig, because of his famous uncle: F


Woody Allen ORACKEDCO COM SURPRISE--WoOdY Allen is a creep! to a childhood friend, young ALLEN STEWART KONIGSBERG was obsessed with a girl whose dog's


Whoopi Goldberg weets As a young actress, CARYN ELAINE JOHNSON worked at theatres sO small, the audience could hear the cast fart. She admit it, her n

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