Behind-The-Scenes Beginnings Of 14 Iconic SNL Characters

Daddy, where do comedy ideas come from?  Here are the backstories behind fourteen of SNL’s most popular characters. 


THE LADIES MAN TIM MEADOWS CRACKEDCON Meadows worked in a liquor store during high school. Would-be womanizers swaggered in, hoping to boost their rom



CHURCH LADY DANA CARVEY Carvey developed the Church Lady as a way to deal with demonic hecklers during his 1980s stand-up comic days. He'd shut them d



A STEFON BILL HADER One inspiration for writer John Mulaney was an email from a club promoter. Part of the pitch? Rooms full of broken glass. Hader

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MORE COWBELL WILL FERRELL Classic rock fan Chris Parnell wrote the sketch, which bombed in dress rehearsal. Before air, Ferrell asked wardrobe for a s



GILLY KRISTEN WIIG One inspiration for Wiig's Gilly was a childhood perm she got for a wedding, accidentally tinted red by a bottle of Sun-In. Another



WAYNE CAMPBELL MIKE MYERS CRACKEDCON Myers based Wayne on friends he grew up with in the suburbs of Toronto, believing there was a certain homogenous



GARTH ALGAR DANA CARVEY Carvey based Wayne's pal Garth on his nerdy genius brother Brad. Both Brad and Garth share a love for videos, drums, and red l

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DRUNK UNCLE BOBBY MOYNIHAN CRACKED Moynihan spent hours on a sure-fire sketch about a suit salesman, the best character in SNL history. Colin Jost a

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IDA BEARS ROB SMIGEL CRAGKED Smigel cooked up the Super Fans from two tasty ingredients: The Sportswriters on TV, a Chicago-based roundtable discussio

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CANTEEN BOY ADAM SANDLER Sandler specialized in characters that were losers. Canteen Boy's having a rough day today. I feel like people will respond

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CALIFORNIANS FRED ARMISEN CRACKED COM Whenever he returned from the west coast, Armisen would discuss L.A. directions with castmates Bill Hader and Ke

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DEBBIE DOWNER RACHEL DRATCH I was on vacation in Costa Rica, and when I told someone that I was from New York, they asked, 'Were you there for 9/11?'