15 Unexpected Facts About Movie & TV Show Locations

Some movies are shot against green screens, leaving the actors all crying. But others are shot in real places, and the more you learn about them, the more you appreciate the film ... or, just occasionally, the more the film seems totally ridiculous.


THEX-FILES CRACKED They couldn't film the second season finale on location in the desert of New Mexico. So they went to a Vancouver quarry and covered

Source: LA Times


SESSION9 CRACKEDCO Session 9 was shot at the Danvers State Mental Hospital, which had decayed for over a decade. No set decoration needed- old patient

Source: Entertainment Weekly


STAR TREK CRACKEDCOR The Paramount Lot where all episodes were filmed had a problem with stray cats. So when they shot alien planets, the Enterprise c

Source: San Diego Reader


MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE IIL CRACKEDCO The stairs at Caserta Palace have appeared in a bunch of blockbusters-besides MI3, they've been in Angels & Demons,

Source: NY Times


SCHOOL OF ROCK CRACKED CON This film was shot at John Marshall High School in Los Feliz. As was Zapped!, Rebel Without a Cause, Raiders of the Lost Ar

Source: MTV


GONE WITH THE WIND CRACKEDCON For the burning of Atlanta, the sets of several previous movies were set ablaze, including King Kong and King of Kings.

Source: CNN


HARRY POTTER CRACKED.G If a story's set in England, it's negligent NOT to shoot in Alnwick Castle. Besides Hogwarts, it has served as Nottingham and Q

Source: Vanity Fair


STAR WARS Locations around the Tunisian city of Tataouine served as sets for the planet Tattooine in most Star Wars movies. Later, the region became a

Source: The Guardian


GROUNDHOGDAY TOP TIP CIRE The Tip Top Cafe where plenty of the action took place in Groundhog Day was just a set, unsurprisingly. Post-filming, though

Source: Chicago Tribune


WATERWORLD CRACKEDCON The atoll was a 1,000-ton set that floated off the coast of Hawaii. Craziest part: they forgot to install bathrooms. Boats had t

Source: Wall Street Journal


THE MATRIX RELOADED They built a 1.5-mile freeway replica on an old naval base for the big chase. It cost $2.5 million, and it needed to be surrounded

Source: San Francisco Chronicle


SPEED 2 CRACKED CON They spent six months building a full-size Caribbean town with 35 buildings, into which a full-scale, one-third ship was guided by

Source: The Spokesman-Review


THE MARTIAN CRACKEDCON Want to experience the grand vistas of Mars but don't have $6 billion to spare? Go to Wadi Rum, Jordan! The Valley of the Moon

Source: CNN


EUROTRIP CRACKEDCO The characters in this movie travel thE whole continent. But it was filmed entirely in Prague. The Vatican, Parisian museums, helli

Source: Entertainment Weekly


RAISE THE TITANIC CRACKED CON This 1980 movie's 55-foot model ship cost $5 million. The tank that floated it cost another $3 mil. Said a producer, It

Source: BBC