15 Little-Known Underdog Stories (Of Celebs)

Hollywood has a terrible tendency to take true stories and embellish them until all that's left is a sad husk of truth stuffed with too much questionable artistic license.

So let's hope Hollywood doesn't touch the following celebrity biographies, because these underdog tales are dramatic enough.


Nicki Minaj CRACKEDcO Nicki Minaj, real name Onika Tanya Maraj, was born into a family of 15 in Trinidad and lived in a three-room house. Al five, she

Source: Washington Post


Wiliam Shatner CRACKED.COM Shatner hit his poverty low point AFTER Slar Trek. After the series was canceled, having to support an ex-wife and three ki

Source: AARP


Chris Pratt Chris Pratt lived in a van in Hawaii. It wasn't until a chance encounter with actress-director Rae Dawn Chong at his job as a waiter for B

Source: CNBC


Danny Trejo His uncle got him into marijuana at eight, and since then, he was in and out of prison over taking drugs. And dealing drugs. And committin

Source: BBC


Leighton Meester CRACKED cO Leighton Meester was born in prison to a mother who was a drug smugGLEr, as were the rest of her immediate family. In fact

Source: New York magazine


Louis Armstrong Louis was arrested- for running cocaine, said the police when he was nine years old. He'd be arrested again three years later and sent

Source: The Times-Picayune


Colonel Sanders Fried Fried Fried Patecky Fnied Farky Fried fodedty Cuckem Chicken Fried Fried Fried dacky fatacky urky Fried Chickex Fecky Fiied eate

Source: Smithsonian


Michael Caine or England Here.. World: L4G The Co Largest Ft Feening FIRE Sele ALARMS CRACKED CON Before his fame, Caine was unable to support his wif

Source: The Times


Dr. Phil WILL GIVE BAD ADVICE FOR RATINGS CRACKEDO COM Dr. Phil was homeless. Al 12, McGraw lived out of a car with his father before securing a $5 a

Source: Parade


Jack Ma CRACKEDCON lack Ma, the founder of Alibaba Group, flunked his college examinations thrice. He applied for 30 jobs, including working for KFC,

Source: CNBC


Tom Cruise Quite a few celebrities are dyslexic, actually. Tom Cruise was diagnosed at seven and graduated high school as a functional illiterate. Dur

Source: Washington Post


Ingvar Kamprad CRACKEDOON IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad managed to get good grades in school despite being dyslexic. The iconic swedish- sounding names

Source: The Independent


Drew Carey ERCY FOR ANIMALS CRACKED.CO Drew Carey tried killing himself twice. The first time, he was 18 and tried overdosing on pills. Then he went i

Source: Voice of America


Demi Moore CRACKEDcO Demi Moore's real father abandoned her family before she was born, and the man she thought was her father left her mother then ki

Source: The Guardian


Billie Holiday CRACKED .COM She was 10 when a neighbor tried to rape her. At 11, she dropped OUT of school. At 12, she was running errands for a broth

Source: Time