13 Pieces Of Obscure Movie Trivia And Weird General Knowledge

Sure, Brad Pitt might have been the walking definition of “handsome actor” in the ‘90s, but he wasn’t afraid to temporarily ruin his looks for a movie. For more details on that, plus another 12 stories, keep reading ...


Thanos creator Jim Starlin hated a Thanos homage in vengers: Endgame. Thanos' weapon is shaped like a helicopter blade, which is a nod to the dinky Th

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Mulan touches her hair a lot because her voice actress, Ming-Na Wen, does that. Disney animators noticed her doing that, and gave her character that h

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Brad Pitt took out a bit of his front teeth for Fight Club. He went to the dentist to have his teeth chipped, So he could really look like a guy who f

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The inventor of the weather forecast was driven to suicide by his critics. People insistently complained that Robert FitzRoy's forecasts of the weathe

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Female swamp wallabies spend their entire adult lives pregnant. They have two uteruses, and they can begin a new pregnancy while they're already pregn

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Nachos are probably popular thanks to a baseball announcer. To fill a silence during a 1978 game, announcer Frank Cosell started talking about the new

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At one point, Phil Collins had probably the world's biggest private collection of Alamo relics. As a kid, he got hugely into the Disney show Davy Cro

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A ghost palace has been under construction since 1985 near an English town. Hamilton Palace -. bigger than Buckingham Palace-- was being built for B

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In 2015, a cat in Florida rose from the grave. The cat got hit by a car and seemed to be dead, so it was buried. Five days, it showed up at a neighbor

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Africa is splitting into two continents. In a few million years, a chunk of its east side will tear off and a new ocean will pop up between the two pa

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Harrison Ford put a nod to his philosophy professor in ThE Last Crusade. When Indy says If it's truth you're looking for, Dr. Tyree's philosophy clas

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Frogs are dying because of pregnancy tests. In the '50s and '60s, the African frog Xenopus laevis was used as a pregnancy test. They carry a fungus wh

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Star Wars got made partly thanks to Grace Kelly. She joined the board of directors of 20th Century Fox in 1975, and stAYED quiet when they discussed S

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