13 Strange Yet Fascinating Facts About Movies (And More)

They say you should go to major competitions with a clear head and a well-rested body, but apparently that’s wrong. At least once, people did the polar opposite of that and won anyway. Here’s more on that, and 12 other stories:


Wizards of the Coast went above and beyond to help TSR employees after buying the company. FA ds COAST THE OF They flew them to Seattle on weekends so

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2009's Moon sold off scenery to save money. Once shooting wrapped up, they sold off the monitors and screens to the crew. NOW YOU KNOW

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Hong Kong's Kowloon Walled City had a population density of 3.25 million people per square mile. It was an old military fort turned into a dystopian s

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In 2014, a male guinea pig at an animal park got into the female pen and fathered about 400 babies. Staff weren't sure if he escaped or if a child acc

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King Hussein of Jordan was an amateur radio enthusiast. He was broadcasting from his own radio station, and he'd talk to other hobbyists like him - -

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The bananas you've been eating all your life are probably all clones. Almost every banana for sale is of the Cavendish variety - and Cavendishes are s

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James Gunn put a throwback to his high school days in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. In what he called the most obscure Easter egg of all time, Ego's Fo

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The Nostromo from Alien was kept under tarps in a driveway for about 20 years. Sci-fi fan Bob Burns got it from the studio in 1979, and he just kinda

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Jamie Foxx chose his name to get an edge. When Eric Marlon Bishop started doing open mic nights in 1989, male comedians would get called to the stage

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Akira Kurosawa wasn't happy about Sergio Leone ripping him off. After he saw Leone's A Fistful of Dollars, which was basically a scene-for-scene remak

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Two drivers won the 1953 Le Mans race after drinking all night. 774R The day before the race, they were disqualified for a minor infraction, SO they d

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Laurence Fishburne showed up in John Wick: Chapter 2 just because he said he loved the first movie. He told Keanu Reeves that one time they'd met up,

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In 2016, scientists mobilized to find a way for a snail to have sex. Jeremy was a snail with a very rare left-curling shell, and he could only reprodu

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