19 Kids' Books That Were Banned By Overprotective Adults

Adults are always trying to tell kids what they can and can't do. Sometimes the reasoning, at least, is understandable -- jumping out a third story window with an umbrella won't make you fly like Mary Poppins, Jimmy. Other times... the logic is hard to follow. Here's 19 questionable reasons that children's books were banned by parents, teachers, and random organizations.


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland CRACKED.COM Once again, another book is thwarted by the existence of talking animals. Adults sure are weird.

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Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark CRACKEDCON This book got banned for being... well... scary. We guess murder, death, and cannabalisim aren't kid frie

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Where's Waldo? While you're looking for Waldo, you might find a toppless lady or two. We guess we didn't look as hard as these parents did while growi

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In The Night Kitchen NTHENICHTKIICEN MAURICESENDK BEANS A three-year-old kid appears naked in a giant milk bottle in one scene of the book. Apparently

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Bridge to Terabithia This book has been banned for Offensive language, witchcraft and satanic material, and being a danger to children. We have no c

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The Giver Apparently, adults aren't too keen on giving kids books on infanticide and euthanasia, but that didn't stop my 5th grade teacher.

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My Brother Sam is Dead CRACKED COM This historical fiction over the Revolutionary War was fairly disliked by adult figures for its depiction of violen

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The Chocolate War The Chocolnte Ir bs Rohert ommier CRACKED.COM This book about standing up for yourself and rebelling agaisnt a toxic school culture

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His Dark Materials Philip Pullman His Dark Materials CRACKED.COM You might recall this controversial book series for its anticlerical themes and warni

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Where The Wild Things Are CRACKED COM You'd never guess that several southern states were greatly offended by this book because it depicts... child ab

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King & King King & King LndadeHaan Storn Nijland CRACKED COM A kids picture book about a king who falls in love with a man. So... gotta love school sp

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The Adventures of Captain Underpants ADVENTURES THE APTAIN OF NDERPANT Action THRills CRACKEDCONT You'd think this book got banned in Arborwood Elemen

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And Tango Makes Three LL ma isako by A cute picture book about some gay penguin parents raising a baby penguin. Do we really need to explain this one?

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It's So Amazing! AMAZING! I SO oin IT'S CRACKED.OON A book about where babies come from really scared the parents of Montgomery County, Texas, sO this

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Winnie The Pooh This book series got banned from a Polish playground because it is way too inappropriate that a bear is wearing a shirt and no pants.

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The Witches Ilustrated by Quentin Blake CRACKED COM Supposedly, Roald Dahl claimed that only women can be witches, and that is blatantly misogynistic

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Harry Potter EARTH FIRE SPIRIT CRACKED Obviously a book about witchcraft is a gateway to Satanism. This isn't news to anyone and many good Christian s

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Charlotte's Web (Again) Apparently some Kansas parents thought that talking animals were blasphemous, and a dying spider was too edgy.

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Charlotte's Web Charlotte's Web o A nursery school in Batley, England banned all books about pigs because they were worried about offending their 60%


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