13 Fast Food Facts (Fresh Out Of The Fryer)

We can list off fast-food chains quicker than the names of our extended family members. Fast food is so ubiquitous that it's more American than apple pie. (Unless you're talking about McDonald's apple pies.) Fast food may not be the best for us, but, goshdamnnit, it's addictive and delicious, just like the following facts…


Dairy Queen sells soft-serve, not ice cream. 0a4 Oucon To meet the definition of ice cream, the butterfat content needs to be 10%. NOW YOU KNOW CRAC

Source: Eat This, Not That


Chick-fil-A makes more per store than McDonald's, Starbucks, and Subway Combined Cnidefls Rick All that, and it's closed on Sunday. NOW YOU KNOW CRACK

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A woman being held hostage used the Pizza Hut app in order to receive help. $0.09 THANKS FOR YOUR ROROER. DELIVERY TRACKER WEREMAING YOUR ORDER When h

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NASA's shuttle crew used Taco Bell tortillas because they had a nine-month shelf life. 12Flour Flour TORTILLAS Tacos For Soft TACO QELL Because it was

Source: CNet


In 1998 for April Fools', Burger King took out a -page ad announcing a Left-Handed Whopper. Burger King introduces the left-handed Whopper. Fat: E a B

Source: TIME


The Burger King Halloween Whopper turned customers' poop green. The food coloring of the black bun led to the spooky stool color. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED

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Before 2012, Pizza Hut was the largest purchaser of kale in the U.S. They only used it for garnish around salad bars. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM

Source: NPR 


Burger King's Where's Herb? ad campaign led to a 40% drop in sales. URGER RING The $40 million campaign rewarded customers who spotted a character n

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A man awoke from a 47-day coma. His first words? I want Taco Bell. Unfortunately, Jake Booth wasn't able to eat solid food for another three weeks.

Source: Grub Street


12 people have a VIP Burger King unlimited food card. KING Crown Cardholders include George Lucas, Jennifer Hudson (whO worked at Burger King before s

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Max Hamburgers was the first hamburger restaurant to ever out-compete McDonald's. E MAx ceF The Swedish burger joint has driven several McDonald's out

Source: Aftonbladet


Burger King is banned from operating within 20 miles of Matoon, IL BURGER KING DBCHEESESURGERST WALE PRICE ca Cela A distinct, family-owned Burger Kin

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There are no Wendy's in Europe due to trademark issues. Wendy's A Dutch restaurant has owned the name since 1995, and Dutch courts continue to side wi

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