15 Actors Who Pursued Unexpected Paths (Where Are They Now?)

Truly, fame and fortune are fickle mistresses. But even if you know that on some level, it can still be mind-blowing to find out what they did to particular people after richly blessing them at some point. For example:


Tom Selleck farms avocados on his ranch. He bought a 63-acre ranch in the '80s, and used 20 acres for an avocado farm that he tends to himself. CRACKE

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od Olive Oils & Vinegars Olivetree he Frankie Muniz now runs an olive oil business. He and his wife bought the high-end olive oil brand Outrageous Oli

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Shirley Temple became a U.S. ambassador (twice). She was appointed the ambassador to Ghana in 1974, and in 1989, she became the ambassador to Czechosl

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The actor who played Heroes' Hiro Nakamura went into game development. Masi Oka created his own company, Mobius Digital Games, which released The Oute

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VICO HOULIHAN Loke TS Baar Rc -1l HOULIHA' CALA Ublft Peter Weller is now an art historian. He got a Master's in Roman and Renaissance Art from Syracu

Source: The 7 Most WTF Post-Fame Celebrity Careers, Old Dominion University


The Barney the Dinosaur actor became a Tantric sex teacher. David Joyner has his own tantric massage studio, which caters exclusively to female client

Source: 6 Celebs With Surprising Post-Fame Jobs


After winning 2 Oscars, Glenda Jackson spent 23 years in the British Parliament. She returned to TV and theater acting at the age of 80.

Source: New York Times, The Guardian


Chunk from The Goonies became a successful lawyer. Jeff Cohen graduated from UCLA Law and went into media law, founding his own firm in Los Angeles.

Source: The 7 Most WTF Post-Fame Celebrity Careers


The Mathlete guy from Mean Girls is now a professional calligrapher. Calligraphy started as a childhood hobby for Rajiv Surendra, and turned into a ca

Source: Letters In Ink, IMDB


Pirates of the Caribbean actor Michael Enright went to fight ISIS. In 2015, after watching video of journalist James Foley's beheading by ISIS, he lef

Source: The Independent


Drake Bell (from Drake & Josh) moved to Mexico and got a new name. He's now Drake Campana (Spanish for Bell), and he put out a new album, Sesiones e

Source: Comicbook.com


Jim Belushi is now an Oregon pot farmer. He still performs, but he's trying to devote more time to his 93-acre property, saying I've been getting tot

Source: PDX Monthly


The priest who played Father Dyer in The Exorcist became a sexual abuser, according to his former student. The student accused Father Dyer of abusing

Source: Rolling Stone


The voice of Charlie Brown got five years of jail time. 1 NOT YO RE NELECT CHA RLIE BRO YOR Peter Robbins, who played Charlie Brown in A Charlie Brown

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


DANICA MCKELLAR KISS My MATH Danica McKellar became a math expert. After she was done playing Winnie on The Wonder Years, she enrolled at UCLA and maj

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