13 Movie, Science, History, And More Now-You-Know Facts

You’d think it’d be flattering to have a big restaurant chain named after you, but apparently not. For Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas, it warranted an apology to his daughter Wendy. For more details on that, plus 12 other stories, keep reading … 


One motto of the U.S. nuclear missile launch crew is Death Wears Bunny Slippers. DEATH WEARS BUNNY They spend their days on nuclear-alert duty in a

Source: WIRED


In Elizabethan England, they played a weird game after Christmas dinner. It was called shoe the mare, and it involved one person running around bare

Source: Sky History


In 2013, 69-year-old Canadian Bill Ayotte attacked a polar bear with a shovel to save a stranger. They were both seriously injured, but survived, and

Source: Toronto Star


Drew Carey hasn't needed glasses since 2010. He's only kept wearing them because they're part of the look people associate with him. I have a whole c

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The Full Metal Jacket set was surprisingly toxic Cliterally). They shot some of the Vietnam scenes in Beckton Gas Works -- where the actors were crawl

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The Pentagon made the Black Hawk Down team take a rapist out of the movie. In real life, the soldier John Grimes was actually John Stebbins, who ended

Source: 5 Creepy Changes The Government Forced On Movies & TV Shows


Patrick Stewart would never have starred in ThE Next Generation if he'd known how long it would be on the air. He thought it'd go on for four or five

Source: BBC


Men in Black was totally altered at the last minute. Two weeks before the final cut was supposed to be done, director Barry Sonnenfeld changed the en

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Orson Welles wore a fake nose all the time. He thought his real one was too fine and didn't have enough character. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM

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The press tour for Stargate inspired Independence Day. INDEPEDECE DAY When Roland Emmerich told a reporter he didn't believe in aliens, the reporter a

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Disney almost made a theme park attraction based on the 1990s PC puzzle game Myst. They were going to make a real-life Myst island on an unused island

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In 2016, they found a dinosaur tail preserved in amber. And it was covered in feathers, which made it the first direct, unambiguous piece of evidence

Source: National Geographic


Dave Thomas apologized to his daughter for naming Wendy's after her. He understood that it put a lot of pressure on her, and said You know what? I'm

Source: People Magazine