13 Movies, Science, And More Pieces Of Strangely Fascinating Trivia

It’s well known that Tolkien was an academic, but you probably don’t think of him as stuffy and stuck up. But that might not be the case if you know how suspicious he was of that newfangled fad, the paperback book. Here’s more detail on that, and another 12 stories:


Most clothes donated to charity end up being resold overseas. The five biggest markets for this are Poland, Ghana, Pakistan, Ukraine and Benin. NOW YO

Source: The Guardian


The Great Wall of China didn't actually work. Despite stretching over more than , miles, it never effectively kept invaders out of China. NOW YOU KNOW

Source: History.com


In WWIl, part of the battleship Texas was intentionally flooded SO its guns could have more range. They needed the extra range while firing on German

Source: Houston Chronicle


As placebo, doctors prescribe Obecalp (placebo spelled backwards). It's basically a sugar pill that pharmacists give you on the basis of a prescriptio

Source: WebMD


A 130-ton clump of fat, wet wipes, nappies, oil and condoms' blocked a London sewer in 2017. The authorities said removing the fatberg would take

Source: BBC News


Tolkien was 100% against the Lord of the Rings trilogy being published in paperback. In 1964, when a publisher offered to put them out in paperback fo

Source: Kirkus Reviews


In 2003, Microsoft forgot to renew the hotmail.co.uk domain. TM Hotmail A random person snapped it up, SO Microsoft had to go to them and ask very nic

Source: The Register


Med school teaches you basically nothing about nutrition. During their time in med school, the average student gets a total of 19.6 hours of education

Source: 6 Horrifying Things The Nutrition Industry Won't Tell You


Alfred Hitchcock helped inspire Guardians of the Galaxy. Alfred Hitchcock's NORTH BY NORTHWEST The scene where Nebula's flying craft runs down Gamora

Source: FilmSchoolRejects


Danny DeVito kept a weird memento from Batman Forever. Tim Burton gave him a painting of this little creature on a yellow ball with red and white str

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


The John Wick creators had a hand in making Captain America: Civil War. Chad Stahelski and David Leitch were second unit directors, and they designed

Source: FilmSchoolRejects


Mr. Rogers helped launch the zombie movie genre. A lot of Pittsburghers in the movie business got their start on Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood -- including

Source: SFGate, ScreenRant


The first dinosaur fossil was named Scrotum humanum. Serotamlumanum 317 In 1763, physician Richard Brookes gave that name to a dinosaur bone fragment

Source: BBC News