16 Badass Quotes To Get You Out Of Bed In The Morning

Some people need a little help conjuring up utterly badass lines. Usually, there's a playwright, or screenwriter, or lyricist, or speechwriter in the background who carefully crafted those words for someone else to say.

But then some people didn't need any of that help shit. No, their words of badassery came straight from their own guts. We're talking about such mic drops like ...


Charles T 00 Bukowski CRACKED.co This quote warned against alcoholism, but it's cooler out of context: If something bad happens, you drink in an atte

Source: The Hunchback of East Hollywood


Theodore T 00 Roosevelt CRACKEDc When he was shot while delivering a 1912 speech, someone yelled Fake!' Teddy stepped forward to show the blood on h

Source: Smithsonian


Martin Luther T King Jr. 0 CRACKED COM At a 1963 Detroit speech: There are some things SO dear, some things so precious, some things So eternally tru

Source: NBC


Fridtjof Nansen T CRACKEDCON The following is terrible advice when trekking to the North Pole (which Nansen did in 1893) but useful when reconstructin

Source: To The Edges of The Earth


Nathan Bedford 0 Forrest In June 1863, the Confederate general transferred a subordinate Andrew Gould, for incompetence. Gould started a fight and fir

Source: Columbia Daily Herald


Benjamin T Guggenheim CRACKED COM When the Titanic started to sink, one of the wealthiest passengers on the doomed ship returned to his room, changed

Source: BBC


Sun TZU T 00 0 CRACKED COM Wrote Sun Tzu, Let your rapidity be that of the wind, your compactness that of the forest.. In raiding and plundering be l

Source: The Art of War


Mike Tyson T T R CRACKED COM Before a fight, Tyson was besieged with questions about the various strategies his opponent had prepared. Tyson was unimp

Source: South Florida Sun-Sentinel 


Miyamoto T 00 Musashi CRACKEDCON Miyamoto Musashi was a swordsman and philosopher in 7th-century Japan. Wrote Musashi, The only reason a warrior is a

Source: Musashi's Book of Five Rings


Edward T 00 Dawkins Aw CRACKEDCON When this pro biker crashed and ripped a patch of skin off his shoulder, a reporter asked him where it hurt. I'm fr

Source: Sky Sports


Niccolo T 00 Machiavelli CRACKED COM Wrote Machiavelli (satirically, but still): People should either be caressed or crushed. If you do them minor da

Source: NY Times


Frederick T 00 Douglass CRACKED COM The Fourth of July is yours, not mine. You may rejoice. I must mourn. To drag a man in fetters into the grand, il

Source: NPR


Keshia Thomas T 0 USS CRACKED.COM In 1996, a KKK member strolled away from his rally, and a mob chased him down to clobber him. A black teen threw her

Source: BBC


James Mattis T O CRACKEDC I come in peace, said the future Secretary of Defense to Iragi leaders after the 2003 invasion.  didn't bring artillery.

Source: The Atlantic


Muhammad Ali T CRACKEDCON Ali was 32 when he made the following statement at a London press conference: If a man looks at the world when he is 50 the

Source: UPI


Manoj Pandey T 0 CRACKED COM This soldier was posthumously awarded India's highest gallantry award for his heroics during the Kargil war against Pakis

Source: New Indian Express