15 Stories Of Evil Hiding In Plain Sight

Look, if you're reading our site you probably already have a strong distrust of the relatively normal people around you. And we don't want to feed into that anxiety because, for the most part, it's just all in your head. But, hey, sometimes it isn't. Sometimes that person you accidentally bumped into, while appearing as a mild-mannered citizen to everyone around them, is in actuality a crime-committing psychopath.

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EDWARD SOLLY o2 CRACKEDo After Danny from Sha Na Na died, a man still performed under Danny's name, claiming the death was staged. The man was actuall

Source: AP


RUSSELL WILLIAVS CRACKEDCO Williams was a high-ranking Canadian commander and a pilot for the Queen. He also had a habit of breaking into women's home

Source: Maclean's


SMART CRACKEDOOM Police approached a man in a library and asked that his daughter remove her veil. He said she wouldn't for religious reasons. It late

Source: The New Yorker


MARKO BOSKC Boskic participated in the murder of over 8, O00 Muslims in Srebrenica as part of the Bosnian-Serb Army. Then he fled to a Serbian communi

Source: Boston Globe


MOSTAFAZAYED CRACKED CON In October 2009, Zayed died by a gunshot to the eye, probably self-inflicted. His body lay visible, slumped in a chair on his

Source: Denver Post


HERB BAUMEISTER When his son found a skull on his property, Herb convinced his family it was from a medical skeleton his late father had owned. Later,

Source: Indianapolis Star


RADOVAN KARADZIC CRACKEDco After the Bosnian War, this Serb leader went into hiding to escape charges for war crimes. It took ten years to realize he'

Source: The Guardian


DENNIS RADER Secured by ADT You might know Dennis Rader as the BTK killer, murderer Of ten. But for years, he was just known as a home security specia

Source: NBC News


ERICH PREBKE CRACKED cO Priebke taught in Bariloche, Argentina. Till 1994, when ABC outed him as a former SS captain.Among other atrocities, Priebke w

Source: NY Times


ROBERT BERDELLA oo's E bazaar boizarre Re road westport city, 64111 mo. saS old westport Berdella sold shrunken heads and human skulls. In 1988, a nak

Source: Kansas City Star


JOHN ORR CRACKED COM, John Orr was a fire captain and arson investigator for the Glendale Fire Department in California. Turned out he was also the P

Source: LA Times


DAVENILES Ben Cursk e BuR Cak Almost ten years after Niles went missing, a funeral home was hanging decorations when they spotted his car in a pond fr

Source: The Independent


ALAN DERRICK CRACKEDCO When Alan's lodger Dennis died on the sofa in 1998, he didn't want to report it. So he covered the body with cushions. It staye

Source: The Guardian


DORIAN COREY CRACKED COM When famous New York drag queen Corey died in 1993, her friends rummaged through her belongings. To this day, no one knows th

Source: New York Magazine


FRED BOYLE This is a photo of guests partying at the home of Australian man Fred Boyle. It would be years later when police discovered the remains of

Source: Herald Sun