19 Deleted Scenes That Were Actually Pretty Important

Look, every single scene that a writer or director wants in a movie can't necessarily make it in. Otherwise, Hollywood simply wouldn't be able to keep today's movies down to a svelte three hours. However, sometimes those scenes that never make it through the editing bay or early scripts… seem kinda important? Here are 19 deleted scenes that would have changed the movie they were removed from.


Who Framed Roger Rabbit TODNT WE CO-MITT Th' Body aF BROTHA ACME, NBT 008 The death of Marvin Acme is the centerpiece of the movie's plot. However, de

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Pretty Woman Pretty Woman's original script wasn't all shopping montages and bubble baths. In the first screenplay, Edward was also trying to get Vivi

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Leon: the Professional CRACKED.COM The Professional isn't exactly a goofy family flick to begin with, but be thankful they didn't leave in the part fr

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Jurassic Park John Hammond's cloned dinos were even more messed up than we thought. Remember that sick triceratops? A deleted scene shows it's subject

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In Bruges A deleted flashback from In Bruges gave us a glimpse of a young Harry (Ralph Fiennes). What was he up to? Smashing mailboxes? Jazz cigarette

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Harry Potter In a deleted scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1, we see Dudley Dursley apologizing to Harry for how he treated him. Ap

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Ferris Bueller's Day Off Ever wonder how Ferris financed his famous day off? The original script answers that question: Ferris steals and cashes savin

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Clerks A deleted scene almost had the movie Clerks ending with Dante being murdered during a robbery attempt, credits fading in over his lifeless body

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Donnie Brasco CRACKED COM Removed: a weirdly slapsticky side plot where Al Pacino's character is gifted a pet lion. Heartbreaking for the lion, who th

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The Dark Knight Rises Remember when Scarecrow makes people walk across a frozen bay a trial? deleted as A scene shows that it's meant to be a statem

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Back to the Future CRACKEDCON A thankfully deleted scene features a homophobic spin on the Grandfather Paradox. Says Marty, This is the kinda thing t

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Alien CRACKEDCO How do you take a nightmare creature from the mind of H.R. Giger and make it even more terrifying? If you answered, make it move by cr

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Return of the Jedi A deleted scene from Return of the Jedi shows Yoda forbidding Obi-Wan Kenobi from letting Luke know that, you know... Vader is his

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Thor CRACKEDCON That pesky Loki, always trying to usurp his father's throne! Why can't he get it through his head that the throne belongs to Thor? May

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Terminator 3 CRACKED COR Wondering why Terminator robots look like Arnold Schwarzenegger? No? Even so, Terminator 3 almost introduced Chief Master Ser

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Terminator 2 CRACKED.COM Terminator 2 almost ended with an old Sarah Connor sitting on a park bench, explaining that Judgment Day didn't happen and no

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Dr. Strangelove CRACKEDcO COM If Dr. Strangelove had followed the original script, we would have been introduced to an alien named Nardac Blefescu, wh

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Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Remember that scene where, after spending a night in Toontown, Eddie returns with a cartoon pig face on top of his own, faceh

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Rambo: First Blood The name John Rambo may bring to mind assault rifles and body oil, but there's a lot more going on under the surface. Especially in

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